Have any other mothers gone through a subchronic hemorrhaging?

I wanted to know if other mothers have gone through a subchronic hemorrhaging (sch ) where the is a year basically, and it can cause old blood and or a miscarriage. I am on bed rest can not be physical, can not do any heavy lifting or a lot of movement. i want to if any of you guys have gone through this and had a full term and healthy baby?

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Yes at 12 weeks, I just had to take it easy, no lifting or doing anything that could stress the body out, it took about 2 weeks but it did heal itself, i had 2 at the same time, 1 on each side of the placenta… but here I am now at 34 weeks now and baby is going strong…

I bled from 6 weeks to 24 weeks with an SCH. Bed rest, pelvic rest. Lots of cramping and ultrasounds in the beginning to make sure I hadn’t miscarried. He was born on his due date healthy!

I have been through it, bit sadly it didnt end well for me. I wish you the best of luck :heart:

Not sure yet as far as a full term healthy baby… but I had one at 9w and another now at 12w6d… so I’m in the same boat momma❤️

I had it and worked as a CNA doing heavy lifting and on my feet 12 hour days and had a healthy full term baby. Just caused cramping for me, best of luck!:heart:

Ive had it twice.
My first time led me to have a miscarriage around 12 weeks because it separated my placenta from my wall.
The second time I bled until about 16 weeks randomly on and off. Sometimes a lot sometimes just a little. But I didnt miscarry the second time. I was told to take it easy and not to have sex. I have a healthy 2 year old now.

I had one at 9 weeks. The day it started was the worst I thought I was having a miscarriage. But baby was fine I bled for a few days but not much. I wasn’t told to take it easy or anything. I still had it at 16 weeks but it had stopped bleeding and eventually dissolved. And I just had a healthy baby girl! :blush: good luck and hopefully it will dissolve!!

On my 3rd pregnancy I had a subchronic hemorrhage as a result of trauma from a car accident in the 1st trimester, caused some bleeding and eventually stopped, however around 30 weeks the bleeding started again, I got put on bedrest at 32 weeks, they gave me steroid shots and everything they told me they didnt think I would be able to carry past 35 weeks. I followed drs orders and was on strict bed rest I didnt do anything that involved any type of lifting and carried to 39 weeks and had a 100% healthy baby girl…8lbs 8oz. 20 inches. Just do exactly what the drs tell you and pray on it. Good luck!

I’m current 33 weeks and had one at 12 weeks it healed on it own thankfully and as of now baby is fine

My youngest. SCH which bled heavily at 8 weeks again at around 20 weeks. And I mean heavily! Little dude was born perfect at 7 lbs 8oz only 3 days early. Now a perfect 3 year old!

I had one. Healed around 22 weeks.

I’m currently pregnant I had it in the first trimester of this pregnancy, all they told me was to watch the bleeding my bleeding had stopped, I just watched what I was doing. Mine was caused from my placenta being very low.

I had a huge one at 10 weeks with our first. She is now 4 and just fine! I just had to be seen more often and it healed.

I had one with my oldest son after I fell down a stair. Was super scary but I had a very healthy 9lb 2oz baby boy full term

I had one. My daughter lost all of her fluid and she was born at 30 weeks 3 days. 1.15oz and now she’s a 4 year old healthy little girl.

Yep. 3 babies in a row. Delivered 3 healthy full term babies. I was placed on pelvic rest but not do bed rest. My ob said that really wouldn’t make a difference 🤷

I had a large over half my uterus with a hermorrhage, my
Son is now 8. Brown is an indicator of old blood. So where ever the bleed started they will continue to watch it. I had ultra sounds every week. Eventually my absorbed it by 34 weeks

Never experienced it but I am praying for you and your baby.