Have you been to disney since they reopened?

Have any mamas been to Disney World since they reopened? I’m looking to book a family vacation with Disney World and Universal Studios being at the top of our list this summer. I know they have made changes to make the parks more pandemic safe, but I was hoping to get a personal experience from any ladies that have gone since they implemented new rules. Thank you so much in advance!


If you search on Facebook there are a lot of Disney groups for each park world or land. And also universal. They will have the up to date info you are looking for.

If you go to the YouTube channel lilo and Stitches, they have several videos on what it’s like post pandemic. I believe they also have info on universal too.

Yes, went in October, not a lot of people, distance guidelines throughout the whole park, hand satinitizer everywhere, wear masks 100% of the time, no snack stands, restaurants have a limit on people

I just went at the end of January. There were loads of people, 100% masks, and just about everything was open.

Following. Were going in a few months.

We had fun. Lines looked longer because your spread out but other then that it was great. New star wars, Toy story. Everyone had a mask on and the characters rode around in a carriage or car instead of walking.

We went 2 weeks ago. Was busy, lines moved, masks were worn and most things in park open. We had a great time

We have been and had a great time!! Safety protocols were in place, mask must be worn, hand sanitizer available…I would recommend two you tube channels…DFB and All Ears both gave us invaluable information pertaining to navigating the parks. Have fun!!