Have you done your childs school work for them since doing online learning?

Ok…I have a question. But please, no negative comments. I’m just wanting to be honest and would like some honest feedback. Do any of y’all ever do your kid’s school work for them? I have. I feel wrong about it, but I also get SO tired of arguing with my 13 years to get it done. I’ve homeschooled her for three years. It’s been wonderful, but sometimes she just slacks off too long, and so I step and do some of her work.


Posts a question about cheating…asks for no negative comments…priceless :joy:


What’s the point of school for her if you do it?


I catch myself do in my my kids at time…I get so tired of fighting with them…

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You are the parent not the student. The teenager needs to be responsible and held accountable for actions. You are not helping the teenager with life skills doing it for them. They will expect it in real life if you continue. Tough love is tough but the teenager will grow in character. You can sit and help and guide. Or take away privileges till they are making better choices.


She is going to keep slacking off as long as she knows your going to do it for her. Before you know it you’ll be doing all her work for her. Not a good thing!! She has to learn responsibility of handing her work in on time and completed. As a parent its are job to make sure are kids go to school to get an education, how she gonna do that if she’s not doing the work.
Thats all. I’ve done my kids work for them a few times. So I understand where your coming from.
But I do know doing there work does not help them.

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I understand the want, but in the long run you’re hurting her. Education that’s she’s “pretending” to get, is education she’s not getting and that’s NOT GOOD.


Also, behaviorally, this is a big mistake. You’re teaching her that if she argues long enough or throws a big enough fit about something, you’ll give in and TRUST ME that is not something you want to start…


Sounds like homeschool isn’t working. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Well, on the bright side, you won’t be paying for college. :rofl::rofl:


I just did my 10th graders 3D model, argon project. It was stupid and just for show. The first year teacher had this assigned during midterms, while assigning other class work. I’m a teacher, and I can say it was truly poor judgment on her part.

That’s not educating the child in any way, except that lying, cheating, slacking, off is acceptable!


I made that mistake years ago it was the wrong decision don’t do it.

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So for 3 years, you’ve been homeschooling your kid and doing the work for her? So she will have no real education, other than learning that being a brat will get her out of responsibilities. Great plan. Here’s an idea…if she won’t do her work, take away all her privileges until she does. Enough time in her room without a phone or computer or TV should do the trick.


If you’re doing it then whats the point

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Recipe for lifelong welfare recipient… And mommy cooking, paying for phone, and roof over their head during their adult life too

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Damn, a bunch of grow ass women bashing instead of giving her advice or helpful information (not directed to all of you) :thinking: who would have thought smh :woman_facepalming: I have a 13yo daughter as well and she’s been home since March due to school closure! If she doesn’t do her work then she looses privileges! I don’t take shit however (she can have her phone,tv,computer what ever) they are hers! I’m the mom that cuts the internet or puts her phone on pause so NOTHING WORKS. That way she still gets to see it and knows what she’s lost. Trust me she’ll give up and do it, don’t do it for her! Stand strong and be firm!


Lol! Glad I don’t have a child!

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No. Perhaps it would be beneficial to investigate the “why” of both her struggle to complete the work (power struggles may indicate learning disabilities or anxiety) and your “need” to have a task completed (despite it not serving the original purpose of educating your child). Best of luck.


Setting her up for failure!