Have you ever doubted your doctor while in labor?

So I’ve been in what has felt like early labor for about two days now, but I’m only 33 weeks pregnant. My midwife wasn’t super concerned since I’ve been known to have painful Braxton Hicks that fizzle out and start again almost the entire pregnancy. Today they started to feel different, a lot stronger, and a lot more consistent, so my husband and I decided to go to labor and delivery. They’ve changed the policy and don’t contact the provider unless you’re diagnosed to be in active labor since we had our last baby there. They’ve always been a great hospital, and we’ve always been happy with them. However, we haven’t always had the best experiences with the on-call OB, who is already there. For example, with my twin pregnancy, attending OB sent me home at 4cm because he wanted me at 6cm. In the middle of the night, I get a call to get back to the labor and delivery department because, with twins, they need me in the OR at 8cm just in case of an emergency. She was furious that he didn’t call her until I was already gone, and he had begun charting for the night. Well, fast forward to what happened today. Contractions are about 2 minutes apart and have only gotten stronger and more regular, so we go in. For whatever reason, the attending is just unreasonably bitchy from the start, she checks my cervix and says it’s only 1cm and still thick despite all of these contractions. Swab and urine come back normal, the nurse was in shock at how strong my contractions were and noted how the baby’s heart rate was really dipping with them. An hour later she comes back in to tell me they’re sending me home and checks my cervix again and it’s still the same result, saying I’m not in early labor with no explanation for the contractions or anything and gives me the discharge instructions that clearly state if I have more than 4-5 contractions in an hour, to return to the ER but they sent me home still contracting strongly at normal intervals? This is baby number 5, so we’ve been around the block a few times. I’ve been known to have slow labors until my water breaks but also that my cervix stays hard and closed unless it’s real labor, especially at 33 weeks. My husband doesn’t think I should be in this much pain and having steady contractions and hardly be making any progress, and we’re wondering if maybe she lied to us? I don’t really have a reason to doubt her other than her attitude about everything and my personal history, but now I keep thinking about it. Anyone else experiences doubts with their provider?


First, huge hugs and prayers sent to you. Second trust your body. You know it better than anyone else. Being that this Dr sent you home when they shouldn’t before. I would contact my Drs office and tell them

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I was at 2 cm for two weeks. But when my contractions got that strong, I knew it was time. Got to the hospital, I was still at a two. I told the nurse AND my husband, that doesn’t mean it’s not time. Nurse left the room, came back in a few minutes later… I was fully dilated. It went that fast. ASSERT YOURSELF. Also, if the doctor was upset last time, maybe you should have a way to contact your doctor directly.

I would call my doctor right away…

If it weren’t for the babies heartbeat dipping I wouldn’t worry too much. But usually when the babies heartbeat decreases drastically with a contraction it means that baby is in distress. I had this happen to me and was rushed into an emergency C-Section.


The baby heart rate concerns me. When my daughter had that my ob sent me straight into ob and they induced labor cuz my contractions werent regular or strong. Come to find out there was a small leak in my water so over the course of a couple months it had dripped out. I had noted an occasionally heavy discharge but they tested everything and couldnt find anything til then. I dont fault my dr cuz he checked everything…repeatedly. it just wasn’t found til then. Call ur dr and see what he/she says

Different doctor, different hospital. Thats what you need


I would go to another hospital. If that is not an option I would go back and demand to be seen by someone else. If the babies heart rate is dropping I would want to be in the hospital regardless of what they say


Go to a different hospital


You need to go somewhere else


Oh hell no. Have your husband demand whatever it is you think you need. Write down names of who you speak to and let them know they will be held personally responsible if they don’t help you and something goes wrong.


Call your ob office and get seen immediately. You know your body better than anyone!


Definitely go get a second opinion. That being said, I know that for myself and other mamas i know, Braxton Hicks were stronger with subsequent babies. Always err on the side of caution when you’re carrying precious cargo! Good luck!

Go to your doctor, talk to them and maybe get them to admit you. Your own doctor knows you best.

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Make sure you are drinking a lot of water. That can make Braxton Hicks worse and feel very real if you aren’t. Trust your body :slight_smile::ok_hand:t2:

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I went in to hospital with my pains 3 minutes apart, I was dilated to 2 so they told me To go home, I lived so far away I decided to wait in waiting room, long story short I went to the er at 10:30 pm and I had my baby girl at 12:45 am, trust your instincts

yup. went to the hospital with contractions 1 minute apart. bleeding like a period. he sent me home. i went back because it got worse. he said bleeding was from cervical checks and to trust his 20 yrs experience (dilated to a 3) and sent me home. (my third kid. spotting after cervical checks is absolutely ok, not period type bleeding) … i went to the dr the next morning at noon. still bleeding with contractions. seen a diff dr in the facility. i was in active labor and they sent me straight to the hospital. by the time they checked me in and checked my cervix, i was dilated to a 6. i was supposed to be a c section so they had to rush everything to get me to the OR because i was progressing fast

I would get a 2nd opinion only because of the heart rate dropping.

I had contractions for 2 weeks before labor… I also lost my plug a week before… Contractions do happen… Its when it feels like the baby is coming out when its time… And youll know the difference…

Like you feel the head making its way out… Thats the best way i can describe it…