Have you gotten pregnant on Clomid?

Has anyone gotten pregnant on Clomid? If so, share your success stories! I went through the whole process with Provera and Clomid, and I haven’t gotten a full dark positive ovulation test yet; and I’m on cycle day 28, and I took Clomid days 3-7. I should also note I didn’t have a period for a while before starting due to breastfeeding.


Yes and he is 28 years old.

Yes! I took provera and Clomid. I took it three months before I got pregnant. According to my basal temp I still wasn’t ovulating but obviously I did. I now have a 28 yr old. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No, clomid didn’t work for me but letrozole did. It works similar. Your doctor might have you try that if clomid doesnt work.

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I took provera and clomid and got pregnant the first try :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck !

18 weeks Pregnant After 3 rounds of clomid. I never got a dark ovulation tests. But I’ve always had somewhat regular periods.

I got pregnant on Clomid the first round

Yes twice, a single and then twins

I got pregnant the first round on clomid. Currently 16 weeks. But, they did say don’t be discouraged if it didn’t happen on the first cycle it could take 2-3 rounds of clomid.
Baby wishes to you. :yellow_heart:

I did and used an injection as well after it was determined mt follicles were ready.

I got pregnant on Clomid on our second try and she’s 18 now!!

I got pregnant on clomid with twins

Yes. Went through 4 rounds of clomid (increasing dosages) then had the trigger shot when some eggs finally showed up. Got pregnant pretty much within 24 hours of that.

Had not ovulated for 2 years before starting clomid. If it didn’t work by round 6, I would have been switched to Letrozole.

Now have a happy and healthy 8 month old.

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Yes first try with clomid! Baby’s 18months now!

Yes first time, he is 33 now…

I have pcos and rarely ovulate. 5th cycle of clomid (and metformin) worked. Shes almost 6yo now.

I wasn’t on Clomid. I was on Depo. I had endometriosis and Depo was helping to ease some of the major symptoms of that. I had two miscarriages prior to starting the shot. Then I find out I got pregnant with my son. Had major complications but he’ll be 18 in August. Started Depo again and got pregnant again quickly. Found out I was pregnant when I was already 5 months and she was born 11 months and a couple of weeks after her brother. I stopped the shot and had two more kiddos with complications. I finally had a hysterectomy last week. I never used ovulation tests but i was pretty accurate in guessing that the last day to three days after my cycle, I was fertile myrtle.

Clomid didn’t work for me. I did 10 rounds before I said no more. My doctor then tried Letrozole and I was pregnant 3 months later. We are on round 5 of Letrozole this time around and my doctor just paired it with Metformin hoping that will help.

I didnt use that, but I will tell you about ovulation tests. They did not work for me. I had PCOS and my ovulating hormones were higher for me but not high enough to use the testing. I took my temp every single morning before I got out of bed and got pregnant while the ovulation tests never showed I ovulated. My pregnancy test also did not show positive until I was 7 weeks. I took tests daily the first 2 weeks I missed my period then once a week after. I went to the doctor thinking I had the flu and had a positive test 2 days after I got a negative. And yes, I took the tests absolutely correctly. I have a nursing degree.

It took 13 months on Clomid but I got pregnant after a tubal reversal! It gave me awful headaches but it was all worth it because I was blessed with my son who is now 33 years old! Got pregnant on my own when he was 5 months old with twins but lost them to a tubal pregnancy