Having second thoughts about my child getting their tonsils removed: Advice?

Hi. My seven-year-old is recommended for a tonsillectomy . . . I’m having second thoughts on it. Has any of your kids had one? And if so, how is the recovery and the outcome of it?? I know everyone is different. But as parents, I’m asking.


Daughter did great. Follow the recommendations for food and shouldnt have any issues. We sticked up on popsicles.

My youngest used to get sick a lot even had pneumonia three times since having his tonsils out he doesn’t get sick near as much

My daughter had it done when she was 6. The recovery time was less than one day. They bounce back quickly at that age. It’s hard not to worry though, that’s for sure.

Both my kids and myself had ours removed. Its done as an outpatient procedure, home same day

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My son had his tonsils and adenoids out. He was sore alil after surgery but turned out all good.

My now 8 year old had it 2 years ago. Has helped her so much! No more bad illnesses, no snoring, happier girl. Recovery was quick. Back on her feet within 2 hours playing and eating!

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I had mine removed at 7 and adnoids I don’t know as a parent perspective! It will be sore I ate hard shell tacos same day I got mine out bad idea… recovery wasn’t bad!

Ohy my son had several surgeries…this was by far the worst…however had to b done…

Do it now. I got mine out as an adult and it was terrible.


They gave me flavored laughing gas

my son was 3.5 when he had his done, the recovery was hard, definitely stay on top of medications and fluids, the outcome was good, his apnea stopped immediately.

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Recovery is so much better for a child than it is for an adult. Better to donut while they’re young.

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Its painful for them for a few days max then they are back to their normal self. If the doctor is recommending it then I would follow thru…I waited till I was 19 to get mine out and I was always sick and my tonsils were permanently enlarged making it hard to swallow even when I was healthy. I would follow thru to avoid your kid getting worse

I had to have it when I was little everything went great

Its a simple surgery. The recovery varies from person to person. My daughter was 6 when she had hers out. Being sore after is normal, just make sure to keep up on tylenol/motrin after the surgery & make sure they drink plenty of fluids. popsicles, jello, soup broth, basically soft foods.

My daughter was 4 when she had it done. She was feeling better in a couple days. I’m glad she got it done then… She barely remembers it and no more strep.

I was in 2nd grade when i had mine removed. It hurt the first few days but i more so loved all the attention, chocolate pudding and popsicles i was getting lol. I almost got held back because i had strep every week (not exaggerating) and ear infections. They also where affecting my hearing which affected my grades. Since removal ive never had another case of strep nor an ear infection. Best decision my mom could of made for me. Especially having it younger as i heard the older, the harder recovery.

My 6yo had his tonsils and adenoids removed this past June. The recovery was only about a day or two. The freakiest part, for me, was him coming off the anesthesia :persevere: He was kinda freaked out too because he said his tongue hurt :woman_shrugging:t2: but they gave him good medicine and several popsicles :+1:t4: He just rested mostly the first day and he was pretty much back to normal on the second day :grin: I will say that his “little boy” voice had changed though :cry:

My daughter had hers out 6 1/2 years ago, best decision ever. She’s had a few colds since, but nothing else. Recovery was a little painful, but pretty quick.