Having trouble getting pregnant after a miscarriage: Advice?

Can you post please in December me and my boyfriend found out we were pregnant it ended in miscarriage I had one cycle then we tried again and have gotten nowhere I feel so lost I have three handsome boys so I know I can get pregnant, but it’s just not happening has anyone’s else had issues getting pregnant what did u do to help


It took me 7 months after a miscarriage to conceive again

Sometimes your body just needs to reset itself. We had an ectopic in March of last year, and were pregnant again by August. Just give yourself some time.

Girl stop thinking of getting pregnant and it will happen. When you overthink it it never works


Baby give yourself time. I found out i was pregnant with our first rainbow 8 months after our first loss. When he was almost 3 we lost twins a year later we lost another baby. I was done. I didnt want to lose anymore and made an appointment to tie my tubes. I found out i was pregnant just 8 weeks after our loss. I believe everything has the right timing. Just relax, breathe. Youll get a baby, moma. Just may take some time. I know the feeling of how desperately you want this. Itll happen babe.

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It took me 9 months to get pregnant after my first(rainbow) but prior to my rainbow it was a year exactly

After my last miscarriage it took us two years to fall pregnant with our son. I had to lose 60lbs and stop trying and just enjoy life.

It took a year to get pregnant with my rainbow and then took 9 months for my second to be born .you need to give your body some time . Download period tracker (app) track your cycle for a couple months and then it will tell you your fertile days

I stopped trying after a year and last year september i found out i was pregnant. It will happen.

I got pregnant and lost my son to stillbirth. I wasn’t able to get pregnant again for 6 years and we had to do IVF to get pregnant, also because I have endometriosis and Graves’ disease. Everyone’s body is different and reacts different. Try not to stress and take it one day at a time.

December wasn’t long ago. Can take a year to get pregnant. I wouldn’t stress yet. I know it’s hard after a loss but just keep trying

I had a miscarriage in Dec of 2016 and wasn’t trying but got pregnant on Valentine’s day 2017. It’s still pretty early for you to be trying and to conceive again. Your body still has to heal from what it went through.

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I had a miscarriage march 2018 and got pregnant June 2018 and had my son February 2019

Time. Give yourself time.

I actually had the same thing happen. Two miscarriages after a full term healthy pregnancy. Luckily I had an amazing doctor that tried to find the issue. It is different if you have had children prior to the miscarriage. My doctor suspected and confirmed a blood clotting issue. I took baby aspirin and through the first trimester and had 2 full term pregnancies.

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Just calm down don’t stress sometimes it takes time for the body to heal with my now 3 year old I convinced him 3 weeks after miscarrying and doc was pretty concerned because it was so quickly after I was so scared the entire pregnancy I didn’t even tell anyone until 27 weeks in didn’t want to chance it and the doc was watching the pregnancy pretty closely mama it’s hard just give yourself time to heal emotionally and physically

Relax . After I miscarried A few years later I had one in April 2004 and one in July 2005.

Your body still needs time to heal as it usually would.

It’s been 2 months… Most people don’t get pregnant in their first try 🤦


Stress is the hardest thing on your body… relax❤