Help with morning sickness?

Currently 13 weeks 5 days pregnant and morning sickness has been so horrible. The medicines the doctor has prescribed do not work. Does anybody have any ideas/help to provide?


I used to suck on peppermints and that helped me a lot!

Ginger ale works wonders

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I’m 25 weeks and still vomiting every week :nauseated_face: it’s horrible

Had severe nausea put me on zofran and diclegis and that made so went from puking stomach acid every 30min to 3times a day hopefully u dont have it to labor like me

Dry saltines and ginger ale…eat very slowly


Im 31 weeks now & also had terrible all day everday sickness :cold_sweat::nauseated_face: only cold cold water with lemon helped & Emergen-C to keep hydrated because i couldn’t even keep water down.

The saltines and ginger ale

Ginger tea immediately helped me when I was pregnant

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I had vicious morning, noon and night sickness until I started carrying a half of a lemon around with me. Sniffing it when the nausea would start really helped me. :lemon: 3 or 4 lemons a week and worth every penny. Good luck.

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Ginger candies, anything with ginger in it and b6 and water


Ginger tea. And if you’re like me and easily triggered by different smells, I put a little vicks under my nose so I only smell that!

Saltines and banana, really helped me.

Eat saltine crackers and water before getting out of bed and often during the day

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Nothing worked for me… but sucking on lifesavers prolonged the need to puke. The only thing I never tried was acupuncture bands

Mint gum helped me tremendously!!!

try the acupressure bands (used for pregnancy & motion sickness)

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Crystallized ginger candy, ginger tea, peppermint tea, peppermint or ginger altoids (swallow whole like a pill), and last but not least, preggie pops and preggie pop drops (totally amazing)

Vitamin B6 every morning with water I’m 37 weeks and have been sick whole pregnancy off and on till drs told me to try b6 hope it helps you as much as it has helped me

Nothing helped my sickness. I literally was sick to the day I had my son. It was miserable. I feel ya girl.