Hey mamas, when do pregnancy cravings start?

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Almost 9 weeks and pretty much only thing I can drink without getting nauseous is crushed ice with water and it has to be in a cup with a straw or it doesn’t taste the same😂 sadly one thing I DO NOT CRAVE is an energy drink. I used to have to drink one as soon as I wake up and now I can’t stand the taste or smell of it.

Sometimes it’s your first sign. Congrats!

Before I knew I was pregnant with my first child, I took a brand new jar of green olives out of the fridge to put some in a salad. I popped one in my mouth and then immediately drank all the juice and ate half the olives. That was a week before I took a pregnancy test.


Before I knew I was pregnant, I ate a 1/2lb of deli Virginia baked ham. I didn’t care for ham… That’s how I knew

It was the first sign for me. I couldn’t drink enough fruit punch in the beginning. I hate fruit punch, but that’s how I knew I was pregnant after the first one.

You may have none, then you may find your wanting something more often or something you’ve never ate before, that could be your craving, you may crave one or a few items,or none, congratulations on your pregnancy

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Its random. First pregnancy I craved sweets the whole pregnancy. My second pregnancy I craved steak the whole time. My third I really didnt have any cravings.

I didn’t start getting cravings until after 12 weeks. Different for everyone though lol.

When do they end? My kids are 17 and 11 :crazy_face::rofl:


Mine were six weeks on the dot. Immediately followed by HG :roll_eyes::joy:
so that was an interesting balance

I had crazy food cravings when I was pregnant. Started very early & lasted till I gave birth. First child I craved bread & butter pickles & second child was popcorn, third child I craved desserts cheesecake.

I get cravings during my periods and have since I was a teenager.

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My first sign was bringing up my fruit juice every morning .

I didn’t have any cravings, just ate whatever I wanted then vomited it later SMH


Um for me never. But for most the minute they feel they’re pregnant

Before conception, in some cases… lol

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I’m 19 weeks and just starting to get some cravings.

Could not get enough of asparagus

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With all three pregnancies my craving really kicked in when the puking stopped which was the beginning of second trimester

When the vomiting stops