Home remedies for a cold?

Any home remedies for colds and runny noses if you have a 10 month old?


Humidifier and nose Frieda

Dark liquor straight - no chasers

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Bottle of Jack Daniels should have you sleeping like a baby. that way you won’t hear the baby crying.


Humidifier, baby chest rub, and nasal saline to flush the nose out.

Citrizine helps with the runny nose

Peppermint tea (if applicable lol), humidifier, zabees chest rub is the best for any age, peppermint and lavender oils in the corners of your shower, and turn your shower all the way hot and steam up your bathroom really good with peppermint and lavender oil

I do the steam and chest rub at least twice a day when we’ve got colds first thing in the morning and before bed is when it’s the most helpful

Why not call the doctor?

Chest rub, steam, blanket, pillow and reruns of the price is right.

Cool mist humidifier, nose Frida, saline spray/drops, zarbees chest rub (I put it on the bottoms of my son’s feet or on his back), hyland’s tiny cold tablets.

Anti allergy syrup
And rub Vicks on his feet and Bak