Hosptial bag questions

What were some must-haves that you packed in your hospital bag when giving birth? What are some things you brought that you didn’t need?


Must have: chap stick. Bring like 2 or 3 cause you lose one all the time.
Don’t need: panties. You get introduced to the wonderful mesh ones!


Snacks, a pacifier and a towel!

Literally packed cell phone charger and clothes for going home from baby and me. Thats it hospital had everything else


Must for me were a nursing pillow, leggings, tank tops, 2 baby outfits, 2 baby blankets, phone charger, snacks, toiletries!

You will not need more than 2 outfits for you or baby.

I craved showers after my daughter’s birth(and who wouldn’t, after being drenched in sweat, blood and other fluids?) I wish I had brought my own LARGE bath towel because hospital towels(at least mine) was not even enough to cover an baby, let alone a grown woman​:expressionless::expressionless:

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Shampoo and conditioner, a hair brush and snacks …something for you and baby to wear home

I brought very minimal… a phone charger, maternity bra, socks, a robe, chapstick, some hygiene items (tooth brush, etc)

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Toothpaste. Toothbrush. Deodorant. Lotion. Chapstick. Travel shampoo. Socks/slippers. Pillow. Blanket. Charger. Hair ties. I chose to take my own nightgown for after birth so my backside wasn’t all exposed. Clothes for you & baby to leave in.

Slippers a robe clothes to come home. Babys out fit an blanket

These are the best! I hated the mesh undies and pads they give you.

Didn’t need underwear, more than 2 changes of clothes for you or baby
Needed: nursing tanks, pacifiers, comfy blanket for after labor, phone charger, toiletries, nursing pillow

Baby clothes. Breast pads, comfy clothes. Hygiene items for yourself. Don’t bring diapers or wipes the hospital provides and encourages you to take everything that isn’t bolted down or linen wise home with you. Slippers. Charger. Power bank. The pads are ungodly huge id bring a few heavy flow overnight pads for when the bleeding lessens. Maybe panties. I didn’t like the mesh panties at all and they only gave me one even though I was there for like 3 days

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A couple single-serve formula packs and bottle… in case baby isn’t nursing and gets hungry on the drive home

Shampoo conditioner food a cute outfit for the baby… several different sizes incase the baby doesnt fit one.

Id bring your own toiletries, towels, blankets, pillows, snacks, socks, extra clothes for you and baby, even though I didn’t need to I changed myself and the baby more then twice. :grin:

Chap stick,phone charger, my own granny panties, hair brush,snacks, bra, comfy clothes for you. For baby a going home outfit,blanket for going home.

I brought these following items

Warm blanket
Body wash
Baby outfit
Baby socks

Must haves—

  1. Small extension cord/charger for phone or tablet
  2. Something comfortable to wear after— but keep In mind it may get ruined because you bleed ALOT!
  3. A could options for baby to wear— unless you’re certain on size of baby.
  4. Chapstick!
  5. Toiletries
  6. Boppy
  7. Slip on shoes

I packed shampoo, conditioner, pads, loose comfy clothes to come home in, and a bathrobe.