How accurate is finding out the babies gender by blood test?

Has anyone ever done a blood test gender reveal? My doctor says he plans on doing one at my next appointment. I’ve never done one before with my other 2 were ultrasounds. How accurate is the blood test? I used Google, and the percentage of accuracy is pretty high but I wanted to see if Google possibly lied.


I did & mine was accurate…I was 18wks tho

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Mine was accurate I done mine around 10 weeks

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Did mine at 10 weeks with mine and it was accurate! Same with my sister in law (3 times)

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I got one done it was accurate

It’s in the 99% so the same accuracy as an ultrasound really! Either can be wrong & are sometimes but 99. Something is pretty dag accurate to me

It’s more accurate that an ultrasound. It tests for male dna. Ultra sound is looking at a picture.

Mine was accurate when I did it at the doctors office… I heard the ones you buy online and send to the lab can be iffy

I had a blood test done at 10 weeks (I’m 22 weeks now). They are very accurate. Even more accurate than an ultrasound. My blood test said girl. When I had my 20 week ultrasound done, it’s still girl. I also had blood test done with my last pregnancy and it came back as boy and he came out a boy.

mine was accurate got the test at around 12 wks

Had one at 10 weeks due to my age and it was correct! We had a bit!

Well now Im sad, got my blood test done and i was hoping for different answers here lol girl #4 Due Aug 10th


It’s 99% accurate. It was right with mine.

I was 13 weeks when I had mine done. Said I was having a girl and it was right. Which I’m glad for the test because she never would show anything on the ultrasound. Kelp her booty down and legs tucked lol

My blood test said boy and he was a boy

Mine was accurate as well!

Rather do a blood test then ultrasound. My last pregnancy and this pregnancy I did the blood test and both correct. My second child I did an ultrasound they told me girl and surprise he was a boy.

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Did mine at 10-11 weeks. It was accurate.

Mine was correct at 9wks, but I did it at an ultrasound place, not on my own.

It depends on what blood test. If it’s the genetic testing done via blood draw at your doctors then yes it is accurate. I’ve had to get it done with almost every one of my kids (we had to do the genetic screenings) and they’ve all been accurate for gender as well.