How accurate is finding out the babies gender by blood test?

My doctor said that its actually more accurate than an ultrasound because the blood shows chromosomes and dna or something like that (pregnancy brain)
But its accurate.


Both mine were accurate

Mine was accurate. Still couldn’t wait for the ultrasound just to confirm it.

I got a blood test done during both pregnancies & both were accurate.

Super accurate! I had mine done at 14 weeks and it was totally right! :blue_heart:

Got mine around 12 weeks with both mine. Accurate I have two girls.

the doctor’s office ones they gives are pretty accurate but the sneak peek ones are not

I did 2 sneak peak ones and each was correct, one boy and one girl.

My Mother had 4 daughters , then a son, then another daughter. Now sees why it happened that way…what’s suppose to be will be. Be Happy !

It’s supposed to be 99% accurate, but some do get wrong results. That can be for many biological reasons.

I knew at 12 weeks I was having a boy, it’s very accurate

Mine was wrong n it was done by ob. I had it done at 13 weeks n it said I was having a girl. My anatomy scan ultrasound showed boy.

99.6% accurate. More accurate than ultrasounds, actually.

I bought the Sneakpeek test and mine was correct.

We did mine at 12 weeks and I’ll let you know Friday when I go for my anatomy scan. I will be 20 weeks 5 days

Is this blood test avalible in nz?

Way more accurate than an ultrasound. Knew at 12 weeks my daughter was going to be a girl.

I’ve had 3 all were correct :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine was correct it was a boy

The. Bloodowkr has a 99.9%accuracy rate. The only way it can be wrong is 2 ways 1) you’ve had a male fetus in you within the last 15 or so months previously to the test.
2) the testing is done too early (before 10weeks reduces accuracy )
This was info from my maternal fetal medicine specialist when they said we needed to have testing done that included gender.
The way it tells gender is the presence of the male y chromosome in your blood.
So if they tell you girl, they saw zero Y chromosomes.
If they tell u boy it’s because they saw Y chromosomes in your blood.