How accurate is finding out the babies gender by blood test?

I had the blood test with mine and it was accurate. Went to my 20 week ultrasound and the tech told me that they cant tell you the gender and all I wanted was a confirmation that the blood test was correct

The sneak a peek blood test is very accurate. The pee & the blood test. As long as you follow the directions exactly! They’ve been 100% correct for both my pregnancy’s and everyone I’ve recommended to use them have had accurate results!!

If you are doing the one the doctor does then it will definitely be accurate.

Steer clear of sneak peak, and similar “find out at 7 weeks” tests, though. We got an “inconclusive” result and my brother/SIL’s was straight up wrong. Both situations were absolutely devastating; they spent weeks thinking they were finally having a girl, and we spent weeks frustrated thinking we would know a lot earlier. It’s worth waiting for the blood test at the doc around 12 weeks.

The blood test is much more accurate than an ultrasound. I had one done at 10 weeks and it was accurate. Just have them put the result in an envelope for you if you’d like to wait and do a gender reveal.

The only way it’ll be wrong is if the say girl and it’s a boy. VERY low chance of that happening but basically it wouldn’t have picked up the Y chromosome but both your X chromosomes

We did Sneak Peek blood test and it was correct. My other family members have used it as well with spot on results

Both of the blood test I had done were right. Plus they tell you if anything is wrong with the baby genetically! Highly suggested!

A blood test is way more accurate than an ultrasound. Mine have been right both times.


Standard procedure here to check if the baby has some genetically issues(almost 100% accurate) and if you want they reveal also the gender. Genderinfo is optional in Belgium, cause some people still like to be surprised :wink:

I had the blood test done. Found out today at my ultrasound that mine was 100% accurate.

My coworker had one recently and it came back inconclusive 2x

I have had it with both my pregnancies and it was accurate both times

I got a gender and genetics test done at 9 weeks and it was accurate when I had the ultrasound done! I was skeptical on the blood test. But it was accurate

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I had blood work at 10 weeks and it said girl my anatomy scan was also girl and I now have a 6 weeks old little girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I did the blood test with my son 100 accurate

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I did. Any my boy was a boy!

my MIL had it done at 9 weeks and it was right

It’s definitely way more accurate than an ultrasound

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My son’s was spot on. It was super nice because it was done so early in the pregnancy so we could plan more and know genetically what it is vs them trying to see and possibly making a mistake on an ultrasound.

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My dr told me it’s like 99.7% accurate, for me it was also 100% and I got mine done right at 10weeks. The soonest you can.