How accurate is finding out the babies gender by blood test?

Had mine done at 11 weeks and it was right.

I mean your dr, an educated professional wants to use it knowing that’s a big moment during pregnancy. I would trust them that its pretty accurate .

Did the generic testing for both and it was right for both. Two boys which was confirmed again soon after during ultrasounds.

Mine was accurate. They tested for genetic abnormalities and sex then. They also could not get a clear view of her girl parts on ultrasound until 31 weeks because she was stubborn so I was glad to have not had to wait that long !

I used a home kit to test my blood for gender and it was 100% accurate so drs office will be very accurate

I did blood work to test for possible genetic abnormalities. (angel momma to a trisomy 18 baby) so with my rainbow baby I did the testing and that was how 8 found out it was a girl and … I would say it’s more accurate then an ultrasound… but thats my opinion… I do not know the statistics on it.

im pretty sure its like 99%, mine was! :slight_smile:

Pretty accurate as it’s looking for traces of the Y sex chromosome (females are XX), or lack of. I did the blood test too. So far ultrasound confirmed my boy after the blood test, but will meet him soon. :wink:

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More accurate than the ultrasound lmao. It’s literally almost guaranteed. You can’t really mess that up.

There’s no making a mistake with blood work, lol.

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They used the blood test on my second (last) one (my daughter) and got it right. I was hesitant at first too, but when she came out and I saw her gender matched the test then I figured it was trustworthy. :rofl:Technology gets more interesting everyday. It was new to me anyways lol.

Mine were both right

Had 4 all 4 were correct these were all done at the doctor office around 10 weeks

My cousins weren’t accurate. The blood test said they were having a girl but they are having a boy.

More accurate than ultrasounds

It isolates the fetal DNA in your blood so pretty accurate.

It was correct for me. Blood test said that I was having a boy and the ultrasound confirmed it.

I got a ultrasound at 13 weeks and could tell right there it was a boy lol. Never had a blood test tho.

Sneak peek does one 99.9 accurate if it’s wrong you get ur money back. So I’d say hella accurate

I know alot of people use it but I do personally know one person who was told she was having a boy through the sneak peek test and sonogram confirmed it was a girl.