How are you building your childs social skills during the pandemic?

Hi mamas. So as we all know, it’s a pandemic, and most of us are staying home and avoiding crowds. Well, with littles, it puts a stunt on social skills for those that don’t attend daycare or have younger siblings. So if any other moms are like me and the only interaction baby (17 months old in 3 days) gets is with parents and one grandparent, what do you do to help them learn to socialize? Thanks.


We do video chats with my friends and my friends kids , I read to her, she loves the phone so I put it on speaker when I am having conversations.

Mine goes go to daycare as of dec. before that the monster in law was watching her. but we have conversations on the way to and from daycare about her day and I let her babble.

We also draw I have the big ass crayons :crayon:. And we do let some of my siblings and our close friends kids see each other and play a bit so that helps a bunch of sanity. We have wine or crown and the kids play and we bullshit and hang out

Try to find a play date for them or take them out to the park for a mommy and me group.

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My husband’s 17 year old cousin comes over 3 days a week for 3 hours at a time and plays with them. My boys are 4 and 2. I know it’s not the same as having kids their own age but it gives them done social interaction.

Video chats with other kids their age and we found a couple family or friends that we can be around at least once a week. It helps that I have kids in all spectrums. My youngest is 1 and the oldest is now 13.

My daughter was going to daycare 1 day (5 hours) a week for interaction. Once covid hit we stopped completely. But I watch my best friends daughter (there’s about a 2 year difference between mine and hers). It helps both of them get interaction with someone close in age. Right now I watch her 2 days a week but once she goes back to work it will be 5 days a week again.

I feel this in my soul. I have a 13 month old. I am her best friend. The best thing I find I can do is play with her as much as possible and practice those very important social skills. We do grocery shop (no pick up offered) and we wave to other kiddos. I also take her for daily walks and we say hello (safely distanced) to all the faces that have become familiar over time. We have BabyTV (Dish Network) and I do turn it on for about an hour a day and we do the songs and dances that the other kids on the tv are doing.

My son is 5 months and we FaceTime people and let him talk to different people that way. But honestly everything is online now so none of us socialize like we used to. Kids don’t go outside and play with friends anymore they plays online video games with friends :rofl: in person interaction seems to be a thing of the past. You don’t even get interaction with a cashier at the store anymore because it’s all automated.

Our 9 month old socializes with his cousins and once a week a program in our town offers “playshop” for kids 3 and under. During the pandemic they are only allowing a small number of kids and sanitize everything, we try to attend once a month and he absolutely loves it. I understand everyone might not be comfortable with that though.

My nearly 2 year old is delayed on speach basically babbles, during the pandemic were not getting help for it, daycare is off the table which would help. She’s just not interested in talking where as her 3yo sister won’t shut up and wants to play hide and seek every half an hour and facetime everyone :joy: I switch up the toys each week and do different activities twice a week e.g. Painting colouring pairs ect. Its hard when they can’t mimic other kids around them or have others to speak for them