How are you handling being pregnant during the pandemic?

I am considering having another baby, but I’m concerned about being pregnant during a pandemic. How are you pregnant mommas coping during these stressful times?

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To be honest. It’s seemed longer than my other pregnancy and Im down to a few weeks. More stressful for sure

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Its seems super long. Like I’ve been pregnant for a year. It sucks going to my appts alone as my doc doesn’t allow extra people only the patient. I’m locked down with my kids 24/7. Never get a break since there is nothing to do. Hoping this passes so my husband can be with me when I go into labor. The good thing is I’m home and can work from home so I will spend more time with the baby then going back to work after 6 weeks.

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Its hard, with alot of sad moments, daddy missing the heartbeat, and ultrasounds… it gets lonely too. This was suppose to be just a pre deployment baby but then covid happened. Now we are entering code red no one will see new baby for a while…

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To me it doesn’t feel any different except for delivery planning. Obviously this time around I won’t be having visitors at the hospital but it actually sounds more relaxing to just have that time for myself and husband and new baby. My doctor has let me video my appointments and do FaceTime during ultrasounds.

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I delivered end of September. So we literally found out we were pregnant right after he left for deployment and bam Covid happened. It was stressful because I had to arrange sitters for my two older children cause school was out and he couldn’t attend any of the appointments once he was home but the labor and delivery part were easy. Even though I delivered 30 minutes after arriving and couldn’t get an epidural… it all worked out. You have no added stress of visitors coming and going out of the room. And when you get home you can use covid as an excuse to not have people randomly stopping by and wanting to germ up your baby. At of all three of my deliveries he was the easiest.

I had my girl Sept 5th induced 3 weeks early had to do all scans alone and appointments felt a bit lonely and still he couldn’t come till i was in delivery and had to leave wen I went to the ward but she is our 3rd child so it’s not like I haven’t done it before a little lonely but we got thru it!

I try not to think about it… i just work and stay home. Im also immunocompromised as well so that adds to my anxiety. One of the hardest part is my husband not coming to any appointments or seeing the ultrasound , this is our first so its a huge chapter for us and hes missing a big piece. Im due in April so i am hoping things settle down a bit more before then.

I had my baby at the end of august so we were stuck at home most of the pregnancy. It was nice having that as an excuse when I didn’t feel like going anywhere but kind of sucked when I wanted to go out (I get really restless sometimes and like to just get out. Go for long drives, walk around stores, etc) I actually loved the delivery part. No visitors, just me and hubby.

It’s very very isolating

I liked it. No strangers were touching my bump or giving me unsolicited advice. Now I don’t feel guilty staying home all the time with my baby and my hubby. We were also able to have lots of alone time before the munchkin arrived in Aug.

I’m due on Christmas day with my second and too be honest it hasn’t been stressful at all!! I’m in the ACT where we have no cases or restrictions now, this pregnancy feels like it’s gone way too fast :rofl:

I’m doing pretty great just the fact that i can’t workout at my local gym. Working out at home is impossible as I always end up in bed and passing out. I’m just more worried about the hospital part and the change as I had my son 5 years ago and how with covid I’m not looking forward to masks and whatever else Might be in store

I would not purposely get pregnant during a pandemic. I have to worry more about catching covid while pregnant and also my husband isnt allowed in any appointments or ultrasounds. And if it’s still bad when baby is born… :weary:

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Wait till covid is over

They won’t give the vaccine to a pregnant women.

I joined a local support group with other pregnant mamas that keeps me informed of up to date policies and experiences of the different hospitals in the area. I’ve been careful and don’t go out as often as I used to. My quality of care hasn’t been impacted by the pandemic.

Honestly i tried seeing a dr for 4 months after i found out i was pregnant im due in 3 weeks and it was rough they gave me 1 ultra sound i havent seen the same dr more the once and all they do rn is listen for heart beat and messure your belly thats it. There in no rush to see you or have you see your baby only so the gender ultra sound. My last pregnacy was a bad one and even still didnt wanna see me till 20 weeks. Dont get pregnant during the pandemic on purpose sp stressful…

I was pregnant. Gave birth in August. I have two teenagers as well and it definitely was very very very different and still is with a baby at home now. I wouldn’t purposely get pregnant during the pandemic :frowning:

I’m due in February and I’m doing just fine. I take my precautions. I’m not a huge people person so I don’t often have company. I get out by working with my husband (landscape/snow removal) and my kids do swim lessons and bowling once a week. I go grocery shopping with husband and touch as little as possible. I wash my hands often since I don’t use hand sanitizer due to being pregnant and breastfeeding. I havent changed much of my life style except washing hands more often. I don’t see a problem with being pregnant. I find no extra added stress due to the pandemic. My husband is allowed in ultrasounds and to doctors appointments, only minors are not allowed.

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