How are you handling visitors with a newborn?

How are you handling visitors with a newborn? I’m due next month with my second and am wondering if others have been allowing visitors into their homes since the pandemic started? If so, what sort of restrictions/precautions are you using? I don’t want to be overly paranoid, but I don’t want to be risky either.


Wash their hands and wear a mask while holding

I wouldn’t let to many people come, maybe close family that know they aren’t sick ( I know they could bee sick with out knowing ) make them wear a mask around the baby

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if you’re not comfortable doing visits in person do them over Zoom, Messenger video, FaceTime, etc, if they don’t think that’s enough that’s too bad🤷🏽‍♀️


My biggest suggestion is only do what you are comfortable with no matter what family is pushing you. My little girl is 1 month and I can say I didn’t hold my ground as much as I should have at the very beginning and it made me very anxious. I got my standing now but I had added anxiety for no reason. Follow your gut and do what’s best because you are their mom and that’s what matters. I have now limited it to both mine and my husband’s parents and thats it. They must wash their hands before touching and there is obviously no kissing. However both sets of parents are at home either working from home or not working.

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My daughter was born in April and honestly I treated her coming home no different than my son when he was born the only difference was no one met her in the hospital (obviously because of COVID and hospital rules but also because she was a preemie and was in the NICU for two weeks)


We make family who comes quarantine for two weeks otherwise no visitors.

I wouldn’t. Covid would be my excuse. I am antisocial though. :sweat_smile:

We only allowed immediate family and that was after a week or two, still at 2 months a lot of family has not met my youngest yet, and won’t for a little while.
Everyone had to wash hands, etc. I did change baby, and clean house after and before each person came over.
Still allowing those same visitors just not super often.

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Wash hands. Get the tdap shot. If you’ve felt sick at all don’t come.

Definitely no visitors! You don’t want to risk anything!

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only close close relatives, such as grandparents, ??? your bro/sister’s. wait until baby is a little older. that time just flies.

Even before the pandemic, I didn’t take my kids out or really like visitors when they were newborns. Protect your babies and take this time to really enjoy and bond with them. Stop worrying about what other people want, this is about you and your new bundle of joy.

My doc recommended waiting 2 weeks…as long as people are healthy not just for babies safety but the visitors mostly because we just got out of hospital an get babies immunity built up…but it’s nice to have the chance to settle in with baby an not feel the need to entertain guests and so momma don’t get overwhelmed💁

So I had my son in June just before lockdown was lifted, I had a few visitors but kept it to a minimum, I had strict rules that they had to wash there hands and sanitise them aswell as wear a mask and no holding my son but you need to do what your comfortable with, hope this helps xx

I just had close family and friends in the beginning, everyone had to sanitise hands and be well, no sniffles or sickness of any kind. Would do all this without covid :woman_shrugging: its up to you , you and bubs come first

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Had my babe 6 weeks ago, and all family has done distanced visits on our balcony. They have all respected and understood how important it is to keep babe safe.
The only person that has been allowed in our home, and closer than 6 feet to babe, us my mother in law, (who is following strict personal protocols), as she has been designated our family support person. (You know, for the post partum mental break downs, both personal, and with your partner :woman_facepalming::sweat_smile:)
When she comes over she has clean clothes on (hasn’t popped into stores in them) a fresh disposable mask, she immediately washes her hands, and no kissing babe

I had my baby in October. No visitors.

My daughter was born on the 31st only a couple family memebers have seen her. The only people im allowing to actually hold her is the grandparents and my sister everyone else is 6 feet away (you can look but cant touch) :rofl:

I had my daughter in 2018 with no pandemic and I still didn’t really allow visitors. I sent plenty of pictures and updates, but I’m extremely particular about germs. She’s 2 and I still make people sanitize as soon as they walk in my house.

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