How are your teens handling this quarantine?

I would love to hear other mommas answers for what they are doing with teenage boyfriend/girlfriend situations during this stay at home order. My daughter is livid with me for restricting her going. I feel bad and sometimes feel I’m not doing the right thing.


Tell her to pack her damn hormones up for a bit and stay home

You’re momma first and doing the right thing.

She would be angry over something else if she was able to see him .

You’re doing great! Stay strong.


No contact is no contact. Boyfriend or not it’s a rule to keep people safe and healthy. You are doing the right thing by keeping his home. Young kids miss their friends and the playground but they aren’t allowed to go, she will survive!


I’ve seen a friend post pics of sitting in a parking lot a few spaces away from her daughter’s boyfriend’s car so her daughter can see and talk to her boyfriend. Her daughter also took a chair into the backyard and her boyfriend stood at the fence so they could talk with some privacy.

It’s got to be SO hard


My daughter is devastated. It’s her Sr year of high school and she’s is being short changed on the high school experience. She’s worked really hard for nothing?

Nobody is sure what is going to happen with all school activities and finishing the year here. So nothing has been said and she’s just heart broken.

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My 14 year old son and I go about the stay at home order atleast every other day! But then we get over it. He tells his dad who is an essential worker I am mean, but Dad tells him same thing.
We are keeping them safe. I would rather that then someone become a statistic in my family

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I have one who’s gonna be 15 on April 1
He’s been amazing
Plays aaa hockey social butterfly but has been so understanding and caring.

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Sleep, eat, eat, snack, monster, eat, sleep. Repeat…


We’re on lockdown. My boys miss their friends and girlfriends, but we’re not budging. They understand that in order for this to be over quickly, we all need to sacrifice now.


She’ll need to get over it…


She will get over it…my 16 year old daughter isn’t too happy with me right now because of this.

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My daughter and her friends, Snap chat and facetime. They are all 16

You’re doing the right thing. If she was grown and had kids, she’d do the same. Ik I’d probably feel the same way about my mom at that age but better safe than sorry

Dude. She can DEAL.
I am 25! And If I am doing the right thing and not seeing this dude I met and not dating, and basically being cock blocked by all this…then HER teenage but who shouldn’t be having all the adult fun I would be cam freaking handle it and wait it out :joy::joy:


They Netflix party and watch a movie together, FaceTime all day and play video games online together, while on FaceTime. It hasn’t been that bad really.

My 16 year old has been playing video games, watching t.v. and sleeping. Luckily, he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now.

Mine are angry at me because they cannot go anywhere or have friends over!

My daughter is upset she’s missing all her senior activities and possibly graduation but she also understands. She works her normal job on the weekends at a retirement home, she facetime’s with her friends and boyfriend and watches a lot of Netflix/hulu and stuff like that. Honestly she is frustrated but dealing well she knows this end eventually.

4 boys, 2 teens.
They’re pretty reasonable, they haven’t even tried to go out! Lol 17 and 19 years old.
Much more difficult with my 8 year old. He’s just getting bored. Wants to play soccer, but all fields are closed. He doesn’t fully understand this current situation. My 3 year old just wants to be outside all the time, but as long as he’s got 1 of us to play with he’s good!
I told the older boys day 1, they are only allowed to see the 5 other people in our home! No exceptions.
Luckily they haven’t tried to go anywhere! :sweat_smile: