How big of an age difference is to big in a relationship?

How much of an age difference is too much? I’m 24 and pregnant with child #3. It’s hard to find someone that will date a single mom. A guy age 38 is interested in me. He doesn’t act creepy, but I’m kinda weirded out by the age diff. I have dated someone ten years older. My parents are 48/50.


I don’t think that is too much of an age difference! If you like him, go for it.Older men are typically more mature anyways <3

That is only a number its how you feel in your :heart: I married a man 17 yrs younger then me and we are very happy and compatible.


My husband is 15 years older. Age doesn’t matter. Connection does.

Me and my husband are 9 years apart , who cares

Age is just a number. If he has his life in order and treats you and your children well, that’s nothing to do with age :woman_shrugging:t4: Character and soul is what matters


It’s all you and what your comfortable with

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I’ve been there. I was 23 and interested in a 38 year old. We tried things out but didn’t work for us. Nothing age related, just not compatible. It’s cool though cause I ended up with my husband right after him. We’re still all friendly with each other though.

My husband and I are 15 yrs apart and we have been together for 20 yrs and we have 2 boys

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It’s what you’re comfortable with. Fuck what everybody else thinks

Im 25 and my husband is 35 almost 36🤷‍♀️ weve been together for almost 8 years and have 2 kids

My parents are 22 years apart, happily married for 36 years.

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The elder persons age in half plus 7 is as young as they can go is the rule I was told. However I also like the idea that age us just the level you are at in the game of life. If you are happy together then be together.

Age is just a number. My fiance is 2 years older then me. Its not about the age difference. It’s all about the attraction.

Honestly, if the guy is genuine and a good man, idc the age number. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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My bf and I are 33 and 38. But I have also dated a man 15 years older than me as well

My brother is 15 years younger than his wife. Been married for years and 2 children.

My father was 20 years older than his 2nd wife. They had 4 kids and were happily married for more than 30 yrs till he passed away.


Age is just a number🤓


That’s exactly what you need, someone that’s older and have there shit together, help you and your kids, y’all young folks are so nieve, now you have all those children and NO HUSBAND :kiss::kiss: r u ashame of yourself, what does your parents think about you with those kids and ???