How can break the news of my pregnancy to my husbands ex?

My ex has always been supportive. He’s an active roll in both of their lives and when I have my daughter, I’m sure he’ll be an active roll in her life too. We’re adults who make great co parents/friends. I’d just have him be straight forward with her. Honestly is always best.


Nothing it’s none of her business. Kids will most likely say something about


You don’t address anyone? They are ex’s. You just talk to the kids


Well considering co parenting has resulted in me and her becoming extremely good friends she was 1 of the first people I told and she was first to the hospital to see me when I had our son she even watches our son during the week for us while we work

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Is it any of their business?? At some point it will be obvious in your looks that you’re pregnant, or your children will tell them. I don’t think it’s something that needs to be a discussion at this point.


Thank you for your advice and comments, I will definitely take into account about how all you feel. I just want everyone to be involved. I don’t want my stepchild to think I have bad blood with her mom. I just want to be able to co-parent and be excited about the kids we do share together without there being emotional drama or something. I want to involve the other parents because I obviously will need help with the other children while in the hospital and when we come home. I want my kids to know they can count on both parties to pull through for them, even through the disagreements. I’ve always tried to personally keep a really healthy co-parenting relationship with both parents because I want my kids to know I’m always willing to be there, always willing to try to compromise. For the sake of my kids I just try to have a blended family as easily as I can. Don’t want her mom to look at me and her dad having the baby as a bad thing. Want her to feel like he’s gonna love both kids equally and they all matter. Some parents worry about a new baby being brought into the picture, some don’t. Just don’t want to leave unanswered questions. Thanks for the help. Xoxo


Do what you need to do honestly. She will feel how she feels and she’ll get over it. When I started a relationship with my partner his sons mother started giving him a hard time. She got pregnant and so did I a month or so later in our respective relationships. Tensions kept rising while we were both expecting but thankfully were all in a really good place right now and I’m so thankful. It’s such a beautiful stress free environment for all of us and I hope it continues. The point is that sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do whatever you can to combat the situation when it arises but don’t make yourself sick over it before it’s even happened. Everything will fall into place

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I was in the same situation - my fiancé and I each told our former partners as it pertains to our current children and our living situation.
I feel like it should come from your husband. My fiancé met up with his ex at the bus stop for my step son and told her. During some signing of papers I casually mentioned it to my ex.
No issues, they both congratulated us and that was that. The other parent cannot keep a child as leverage so it wasn’t a concern.

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Have the doctors office call him. :joy::joy::joy::joy: true story. They still had his number under me… he knew when he got a phone call for a reminder appointment. :rofl::rofl:

(He cheated on me with my best friend and got her pregnant)… so they had that blow to deal with. (Yes my kids know why we divorced and yes they were young. But thats off topic) my kids were 10 and 8 when I had their sister in 2019. I just told them when I was taking them to school one am. Idr words for words.

You don’t have to inform the ex, it’s none of their business. Just let the kids now that they’re gonna have a baby sibling.


You don’t, it’s none of her business :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Nothing to do with them


My son ended up spilling the beans when I was pregnant and when my ex’s girlfriend was pregnant… All 4 pregnancies he was like, “hey I’m getting a sibling”

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You don’t tell them. Its none of theor businees


I put on a shirt on my daughter from another mother that said “ middle sister to be” before taking her back to her mother! :rofl:


When I told my daughters father I was having a baby I allowed my daughter to tell him.

We’re not together, haven’t been in 6 years. We coparent in a way that allows our daughter to see both her parents together but separated.

He was happy for me, he knows being a mom has always been my biggest dream and due to medical issues I’ve lost many pregnancies (a few with him) he also was happy for our daughter because she finally got a sibling after 6 years of being an only child. He has held my son, he is friends with my fiancé now (father of my son) and his family and him even buys my son stuff for holidays! I’ve been blessed with a pretty great father of my daughter.

Don’t get me wrong we still have our issues but we put our daughters wants/ needs above all else.


I think if you do do it in front of the child and obviously be positive and keep the child in mind. That way when the child is with the ex the ex can’t say you told the ex another story and make the child question their importance and always reassure the child.

Why is it her business? She ain’t the one having the baby and you sure as heck didn’t lay with her to make it.
She doesn’t have the right to know anything about your life.

We didn’t say crap to her, I think the kids did and even then she made it about hurting her :slightly_smiling_face: if she’s bitter from the go, she’s gonna be bitter no matter what. Save yourself the drama.


To be honest, I didn’t make the news public until my husband talked to his ex. Not because we owed it to her but because out of respect for my stepson, I wanted to make sure my husband was the reason they found out.

That’s just me though.

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I’d say it in passing or just say (your step child’s name) is gonna be a big brother/sister. Haters gonna hate