How can I ask my husband to leave money for me when he goes to work?

How do I go about asking my husband to leave me money during the week while he’s at work? I have worked my whole life and have no problem working, in fact, I offered to let my husband be a stay at home dad just so I could work, however, he was really insistent that I stay home with our now 3-month-old son. It does not bother me that he asked me to do this however I am having problems feeling uncomfortable being home alone 5 days a week without a single dollar to myself. (My husband buys everything I need and we have enough money to do so, money isn’t really an issue) I don’t want to sound selfish or like I’m entitled to his money but it would be nice if I didn’t have to ask for every single thing and go through him for everything. I just want to be able to buy things myself, even something as small as going to get a pop and paying for it myself without asking anybody. Am I wrong for asking him to leave me money? If not, how should I approach asking him to do this?


Just say honey I would like to go out with the baby during the week and I want pocket money


Um what? That’s YOUR money, not just his. You shouldn’t have to ask. Run.


Just tell him. No need to ask. It’s your money too. Tell him you’d like to have some money in case you go out of the house


Maybe get a joint bank account so that you can have your own debit card?


Get a debit to your joint checking acct?


You don’t have a joint checking account


You just need to tell him …

Just go to him and say hey I was wanting to do this this week but I really don’t have enough money could you leave some so we can get out of the house for a while?


Say “Hey, leave me money for the week.” :woman_shrugging:


Maybe get a shared account on the side he can put money into and you can both have cards to it


I’m a sahm, we have a joint checking account. I refuse to have to “ask” my husband for money, in my book were a team and I should not have to ask permission to buy things with our money. Yes he may have earned it but if he wants to get technical I’d be giving him a childcare, cleaning etc bill


Get a joint account with your own debit card.


Tell him how much money you need him to give you every week. If he’s not a controlling asshole, he should hand it right over. This isn’t 1950.

Just ask. I ask my husband when he has money and same thing for him when I have money
There shouldn’t be any reason he can’t leave you some

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No you need to come to some agreement about you having your own money a certain amount a week x


Tell hubby baby needs diapers, buy a small pack and pocket the change that way your able to freely buy yourself a pop. Next electric/water bill tell him it’s a bit over the amount due and keep saving money like that


when just one person works, not any extra-get you job and let him keep baby while you work in the evenings-that way would not have to have a sitter

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Or get a credit card in your name?


Hi baby, how was your day? I was just thinking… cooped up with a baby all the time, I’d like to get out of the house and go get a pop at the corner store or an ice cream sometimes. Maybe I can get some cash handy for me if I ever need? Please love you!! Lol