How can I be happy for my boyfriend knowing I will not have anymore kids of my own?

My boyfriend has one kid and is gonna be a dad to 2 more (twins not with me ), and I have a kid by my previous relationship, so my question is now that he has two more babies coming how do I be happy for him and help raise them as my own while letting my dream go of having more of my own?


Why does that mean you will not have any more?


If he’s having twins by someone else, I’m assuming you haven’t been together long at all. It’s way to early to be thinking about playing step mum. Don’t give up your hopes on more children of your own as this relationship may not work, even if it does, why can’t you have more of your own?


If he just had twin babies then you guys clearly got together not that long ago… maybe he isnt for you? If he doesn’t want anymore kids passed those ones and you want more than maybe you should get out this relationship. You haven’t been in it for long so this would be the time in my opinion.


Find another boyfriend. Did he get that girl pregnant while you were togther


Run before he knocks you up too :joy:


Why would u be raising them as ur own? Dont they have a mum? 2 me this is all too soon.


I hope you realize the babies are not here yet. So why are you with someone for a short period of time and planning your entire life with him when there is way more to come. Did he cheat on you? Got another girl pregnant? Did he cheat on her with you while she is pregnant? I would stay far away from a man that is having babies with another women there relationship isn’t done . Your going to get hurt


Well 1. Why did he leave the mom pregnant with the twins? 2. Its to early to think about that,as you dont know him very well yet. 3. Wait and see what kind of dad he is to the twins and that will show u if u really want kids with this man or not as he could be a shitty dad.

Why are you.i in a relationship with someone who has a pregnant ex? You knew what you were getting into


Why would you be letting your dream go of having more? I’m confused.

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As a woman who was cheated on while pregnant with twins, walk away. That girl thought he was her boyfriend too. What she didn’t know is HE wasn’t done with US. Once my babies were born and I talked to him again we were a family.


What’s stopping you from having more of your own??

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We need more info :tipping_hand_woman:


Gurl… I’ll let the pros handle this one :joy: Ayiiii!


In my opinion if ANYONE is getting ready to expect children, that is NOT the time to go out and date or try to build a new family. There is a lot of unresolved emotions/situations that are going to arise while this man tries to co-parent with the mother and it’s not going to help anyone’s case for a “step mom” to walk into the picture. This is a time for them all, you included, to do some soul searching and look inward. It may work for some people to jump into things at any random given time, but not likely chances. I feel like this is a far fetched goal/relationship you have.
I assume you can’t have children anymore if you say you won’t be having more? If so, I’m sorry. Children are such a blessing. Sounds like you know the answers you’re asking and the answer is you can’t find a way around this, a way to be ok with raising babies that aren’t yours, with a man expecting twins while you are mourning the loss of your hopes of more children of your own. If you do choose to take ALL that on then you have to make some huge sacrifices and live with those, live in your own disappointment and not being able to blame anyone but yourself for being in that situation. Harsh, I know.
There aren’t short cuts to these things. I say get out and look for what really makes YOU happy. Not the comfort and routine of having someone to be with. There’s always more to a story, based on the information you gave… I wish you the best of luck.


Huh there is way to many plot holes in this story have y’all only been toghther for less then 9 months … And your worried about babys?. Why can’t you have more? What’s stopping you.
Did he cheat?
Lots of what’s


If you get pregnant by him he is going to leave you too. So you need to think twice before its to late. You could be raising a baby by yourself.


I’m sorry u need a new boyfriend - preferably one who’s nuetered


Get out of that situation RIGHT now …