How can I break my child of lying?

4 out of 5 of my kids had some kind of lying issue at some point. The 2nd eldest was the worst, and oh my head would spin with him. But from that i learned, I had to let them know they were wrong and explain it while being firm, than give them a consequence (ignoring them, time out, ). It only worked with being consistent with them and repeating myself. now the youngest is 7yrs old & lying is a big No, No here.
Hopefully it’s just a phase or a cry for attention. With multiple kids, each child has their own way of showing their need for attention, this may be hers. Praying you will find the answers that suits your situation!

Dont listen to them at all when they talk and when they question tell them that you can’t trust them when they talk


Tell her your taking her to disney get everything ready pack the car get in and start it and turn it off and be like I lied. Then ask if she likes


I always told my children to stick out there tongue. And when I knew they where lying I told them there tongues had a blue L on it. I told them only mommy and daddy could see it.
It was affective for me. Maybe it will help you. Good luck


Corner-with every lie comes a consequence.
Have a conversation first and set the expectations and then follow through accordingly.

Also remember to reward honesty with positive feedback♥️

My 5 yr old does this :woman_facepalming: as soon as he see my mom he’ll say things like mom said she hates me or I haven’t hugged him once that day. While I’m sitting there like wtf we had a good day :eyes:


I tell my 5 year old she gets one chance to be honest and won’t get in trouble for telling the truth (if she’s done out naughty) if she lies again then I find out the truth she gets in trouble! I have a 10 year old who tells lies sooo well and easy this does not work on her :roll_eyes::joy:


Do it to her… tell her a big lie about something exciting then dont do it or do something different make sure you point out the disappointment of what lying does.


My 6 year old daughter is like that she lies about anything so I tell her if she keeps lying to me I won’t give her her ipad for a week

Punishment and consequences for lying and make it worse than telling the truth.

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I broke my 4 year old from lying by telling him that every time he lies to me, his nose grows bigger. That boy ran to look in a mirror to make sure it didn’t when I first told him that :joy::joy::joy: now every time he lies to me he looks at me and says “hey mommy, did my nose get bigger?”


I read somewhere to tell them their ears turn red when they lie and they unconsciously grab their ears thinking their red. Didn’t work for us. I told her I didn’t believe her a few times and she didn’t like it. Ultimately I think I told her I’d give her $20 and take her to the store to buy whatever she wanted, then I told her I was lying. She said I hurt her feelings so I told her she hurt mine every time she lied too. She still tries to lie but you can tell, I just look at her for a second and she’ll tell me she was “just kidding” and tell me the truth. :roll_eyes:

Praise her massively when she tells the truth. (If she doesn’t tell the truth about much), ask her simple things that you know she won’t lie about. Maybe like what happens in her favourite film etc, Say … ‘hmm are u sure’, when she repeats it, praise her. The more praise you give her when she tells the truth, the more she will do it. Lying is a learned behavior, she could be getting it from school etc. Always explain to her she won’t get in trouble for telling the truth (no matter how bad), but she will get in trouble for lying. I do this with both of mine and it works. Its hard to restrain yourself from telling them off when they’ve done something they shouldn’t… but instead of telling her off. Thank her for being honest, and explain calmly why its not OK for her to do whatever it is shes done. Always always thank her for being honest. Telling the truth will come second nature to her after a while. Straight on the naughty step when she lies and explain your not going to talk to her until she’s honest (til she’s off naughty step) xxx

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Following bc I have a 6 yr old and 7 yr old and well…same

Ask them if they are lying then stare them out until they become uncomfortable, they will start thinking that you know that there lying and come clean works a treat with my kids :grin:

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Tell her th story Biut the boy who cryed wolf? Xx

How many of you commentators in this reply voted for tRump. Your kids are just imitating tRump. If you voted for him, I dont see why you would punish your kids for lying.


Maremember naku si Yohann, katong niadto sa amua ky nag away dw mong Andrew. Dli dw sya gusto makadunggog and katong ky Millet Haha. Normal ra siguro ing ana na age nu Dawn Clor de Arta

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My daughter was the same, pretty sure she’s on the spectrum…not yet diagnosed but I could watch her punch her sister then flatly deny it😞 her dad was the same though so not sure if learnt behaviour, pleased to say she’s 22 now and admits her mistakes

Try a squirt of soap in her mouth 🤷