How can I build my credit?

I never worked on my credit. Therefore don’t have any barely established any with my rent. I want to open a secured credit card line to build my credit what bank do you recommend the most and why?


Capital one. Easiest company to get a card through :hugs:

If you can manage it…I would suggest three different cards.

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Use the app Credit Sesame

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Get a self credit building acct

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Career housewife here. When I became divorced and on my own I realized I didn’t have any credit. Bad credit would have been better than what I was working with. I got a job and opened my very first checking account with a credit union. They advised me through building my credit and helped me open a secured card. After having it for some time my credit rose and I was approved for a Discover card and a Capital 1 card. I alternate between the three with only purchasing gas and pay them off each month. I finally reached 700 credit score.

Capital one is a great start

I think I just answered this somewhere else. I have been on the credit journey for a year and a half. I started here and raised my score quickly from there. I worked with a service that is free where I live and she suggested self. Feel free to ask me anything else, I have learned a ton.

I have a capital one secure card. Easy to get approved and no fees

You can google preapproved credit cards. This will give you companies who do a “soft” pull so you don’t get dinged for them checking your credit to see if you are approved. I say Capital One is a great starter. They have good benefits once you are established with them and they will give you your deposit back usually after 6 months if you have good payment history and don’t exceed your limit.

I have heard rent to own furniture and such really helps build your credit rating also.

Get a checking account (any bank) and ask them for a secured card through them, easiest safest and fastest way I built mine up 100points in a year!


Experian Boost. My score went up instantly. Capital one is a good starter card. Just make sure you don’t get in over your head.

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Fingerhut and capital one secured card

Walmart credit card. Spend 20 a month and dont pay till due date. But make sure not to miss the due date!

Find a local credit union, they should be able to help you. Or capital one has a secure credit card.

I have a secure credit card that hasn’t helped me increase my credit even tho I’ve kept it under the suggested usage and never missed a payment in the 15 months that I’ve had it. A few months ago I started using Chimes new credit card (there is a wait list but it goes by fast) and my credit has seen a significant improvement. Chime accounts are free and literally the best bank I’ve ever had.

The self app is a great way to build your credit! It has helped tremendously!

I’d say go to a local credit union and get a very small loan. Put the money in a savings account there and set the payments to automatically come out of that account. Then as your credit increased apply for credit cards. No credit isn’t the same as bad credit.

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I went with capital one. Fast and easy. Approved with poor credit. Just use 30% of ur credit line or less. And do not pay the whole amount, always have revolving credit. Almost had 600 credit score in barely 6 months.

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