How can I build my milk supply being so busy?

I really really need help. I am breastfeeding my son. I did great feeding my daughter almost a year ago I even over produced. No I can barely pump 1oz each side. I work full time and I’m a single mom. I have no time to pump but at night and early in the AM. What can I buy to build my supply that I can use on the go. That works. I am so frustrated I could cry.


I bought the willow pump! It’s wireless, hands free and sits in your bra so you can pump on the go! It’s a little pricey, but so worth it!

been said raspberry tea from health store

Brewers yeast they sell the vitamin form

Oatmeal in the mornings. Over night oats are good too.

Buy a hands/wire free pump

Do not take fenugreek and blessed milk thistle until you are aware of all the risks


Mothers tea and oatmeal and pump at least twice during a 8 hr work shift

I drank a tea called mothers milk and did super pumping pump every 10 min for an hour and drink lots of water!!! Increased my supply. I was pumping like u only 1 oz if i was lucky!!

Water! How much water are you drinking a day? Try drinking atleast 8 8oz a day or atleast double your intake of what your drinking now. Do that for about a week or so, If that doesnt work talk to your dr before you take any other supplement or anything

V8 hydrate coconut water drinks and the cucumber watermelon one

You gotta take it out to make it. I like the portable pump suggestion. I’ve seen the ones that go in your bra and work wirelessly.

Body Armor drinks. And also a portable pump they’re expensive but they’re worth it if you can manage to swing it.

Pump every 30 mins even if you only get alittle bit… your job is supposed to allow you time to pump… lots of water oatmeal, body armor drinks, mothers milk tea

Water, coconut, oatmeal - all worked for me. Pumping more frequently will for sure help produce more milk. Buy a car charger that is compatible with your pump. (They cost about $10). If you’re ever sitting in your car - pump.:tipping_hand_woman:t2: I worked all day driving in my car and pumped even while sitting in traffic. Gotta do what you gotta do. :sweat_smile:

Mama, your work has a legal obligation to provide you breaks for pumping, start pumping on your breaks. I personally use mothers milk tea, and oatmeal for breakfast and lunch, the more oatmeal I eat, the more milk I produce. Look into portable pumps, I personally like the manual pump from madela because it gets me a higher amount of milk than the plug in kinds do.

Lots of water, mothers milk tea, oats.
Can you put at all while working? I’m pretty sure by law they have to give you time to do so. If you have insurance they should pay for a pump. The one spectra pump has a battery so even if you had to do it in your car you could on a lunch break. Even if you did it in the morning like you said and once at lunch it would help.

Tumeric n ginger tea!

Make sure you pump a total fo 2 hours daily

I used to pump at lunchtime or bathroom brecks. Pump after a shower when not so stressed.

You have to remove milk to make milk!