How can I change my childs last name in Tennessee?

Just a quick question. Does anyone know how had it is to change a child’s last name and to have the fathers rights/ took of the birth certificate is in the state of Tennessee? Also how long does it have to be before it’s classified as abandoned?


Not just anyone can change their child’s last name. Only a court can do that. They can change it there self at 18.

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Deed poll certificate can be done anywhere as for taking child’s father off the birth certificate I think a court would have to issue new one as a name cannot be changed on a birth certificate but can get a new certificate with new name on it that’s still legal

You’ll have to go through the courts for both…
Only a judge can terminate rights

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A child’s last name doesn’t determine parental rights outright. You need to go to court for that. File for sole physical and legal custody. But that’s your child’s name. The father will always be his father by blood and a part of who your child is. Changing his/ her name only makes YOU feel better but also makes you sound vengeful, instead of a parent doing what’s best for the child.

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If you go to the clerk of the family courts office they can tell you.

Your local courthouse/ clerks office should have a form u can fill out

Go to court and hopefully you have a good reason and plenty of supporting evidence for wanting to terminate the father’s rights.

In the commonwealth of PA. 180 days without the father contracting the child or the mother to see the child is classified as abandoned.
To change a last name it has to do threw your court house that deals with birth/death certificates

Most places won’t let you remove the other biological parent from the birth certificate unless you both agree to it and if there’s another parent to be assigned in place of, that way there’s still 2 responsible parents. You have to petition it and it’s on the judge to decide. Your reasons have to be sound. A lot of women try this to be petty, while men do this thinking it will absolve them of child support. Which it doesn’t.

You can ask the father to surrender his rights

before a father can be taken off the birth certificate he must have had his parental rights taken away or voluntarily forfeited his custody. It must be 1 year with no contact and you must go thru the courts to do this. after the fathers has relinquished his parental rights then the name change can take place in family court. A parent who has no contact for 1 year and pays no child support thru the court must be documented by family services or child support bureau. If you marry and want the child to have step fathers last name you must go they adoption process. If you wish to change the child’s last name back to your name or maiden name you can petition the court for bans change but you must have solid evidence and a solid reason why! Then it has to be legally published for 90 days in the local newspaper for any objections if the father can not be located to agree or dispute the change. you need a family law attorney to help you thru the right steps!

Regardless of your differences with your ex & how valid they are , your child still has the right to know who their biological parents are . Your child WILL BE ASKING these questions later life .
So no matter what name you give your child , the biological parentage does not change . Unless the person named on the birth certificate is not actually the father .
If the child is in danger from the other parent ,it is reasonable to withhold/ limit contact

That’s so petty but hey There is literally a number you can call by simply pressing *call on the google tab…it’s listed as clerk of courts along with attorneys.
Divorce and changing a childs name over incompatibility is a serious decision, maybe take more serious steps and contact…you guessed it clerk of courts, or an attorney instead of reaching out to facebook strangers.

Maybe you should call your local government office. I’m certain Facebook is not the best place for Tennessee policy and procedures.

You need to have him sign over parenteral rights.

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I’d try to courthouse the prothonotarys office and ask, he can only sign off his rights if there is another man to adopt and if you can prove abandonment

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Check with legal clinic. My ex is from Tenn, but I love in Michigan so not sure on there laws

Unfortunately, I think you have to get him to sign off on it.


For name change I think you just have to post it as a public notice in the city paper of his last know address for 90 days and if he dose not respond you can change it