How can I clean the soles of my socks?

I don’t wear shoes at work, just socks. I got tons of adorable socks for my bday and Xmas. I want them to stay adorable. How do I keep the soles of the socks clean with minimal chemicals? We don’t use bleach or shout stain remember types. Thinking maybe lemon juice, but that would be ALOT of lemon juice, haha


I use zout. It is epic for getting stains out. I comes in a red spray bottle

Soak them in a cup of awesome mixed with 2 and a half cups of hot water and then wash… I use awesome for everything…


Maybe try wearing shoes


Fels Naptha bar soap. Should be with laundry products. You’ll need to wet the bar & socks then rub the soles on the bar and wash as normal. (It takes grass stains out of football/baseball pants!)

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Baking soda and vinegar?

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Who doesn’t wear shoes to work !?

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Where do you work that you only wear socks?

I want this job!!! I HATE shoes :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Wear shoes. Or get some slipper socks. They’re fluffy,soft and super comfy


I’m curious what job doesn’t wear shoes lol


Oxi Clean works wonders.

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Boil with some oxiclean and throw in wash after boiling.

Hex! I bought this for my hubbys work clothes. Works like a charm

Soak in Vinegar before washing

Dawn dishwasher detergent

Just curious what profession you’re in because I can get behind no shoes at work lol. I’m stuck in steel toed boots all day, no exceptions.

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Color safe bleach and detergent but the more you wash them the faster they wear and fade. I wouldn’t wear the ones you want to keep nice to work. Jmo.

Dawn dish soap, baking soda both work

Vinegar and baking soda works magic!!! Let it sit over night, Maybe add a little dawn dish soap…then into the washing machine