How can I continue to build my credit?

Not mommy related really, but I’m a young, single mom working on my credit& need some advice from experienced moms with credit! I feel It’s almost like I have to pay my credit cards off late and run up the bill instead of paying before the due date & spending under the 30% to get my credit score to go up…it keeps going down with the more I spend on them and then paying it off on time. Any insight would help, I didn’t have anyone to really teach me about credit, and it was going up for a long time. 750-780ish, and lately it seems the more I spend (under the 30%) and then pay on time or before due, the lower it goes. Looking for any advice! Thank you in advance :blush:


We are paying a company to help fix ours. It went up 70 points in just a month.

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Consolidate your cards so you only have one payment each month

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Check your credit report for errors

The absolute best way if possible would be to apply for a small loan and use it to consolidate your credit cards into one payment. Then and this is the important part cut your cards up and stop using them. They are more of a trap than they are an assist to build credit and are far more likely to be used against you as “revolving” credit to deny you better interest rates or loans elsewhere. Paying them off entirely, canceling them, and staying current on your personal loan will boost your credit super high, fairly quickly. (I did this to buy my home and my credit went from mid 500’s to low 700’s as soon as that revolving debt was paid off and taken off my credit.)

Credit karma is great they have helped me there is no fee just follow their recommendations and you will see a change. Hope this helps.


My husband used self lender and it really helped.

You can give yourself a credit card with the $$ YOU already have and just pay yourself back which is great and builds your credit immediately. Also you gain interest and earn $$ back that takes a while but my bf earned about $7 in the past yr and a half

What I did: I set up an automatic payment every two weeks (whatever you feel you can afford) on one card (my spending card). My bill card, I pay all bills ie phone, internet, cable, electric, gas… and that got paid in full every month (didn’t carry a balance) you can make payments how you want, just pay it off. Also, I obtained a min of 3 cards. Another thing is if you have a mortgage, look at setting up every 2weeks payment plan. This will reduce your interest and pay off sooner. Continue to watch your income to debt ratio. Wishing you the best.

You don’t have to pay anyone to fix your credit. It’s really simple. Pay on time and pay your cards off. You want your debt ratio to be low and your credit score will go up. Inbox me if you need more help.

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If you want it to go up, reduce your spending to 10% of your credit limit or less. Also, open Credit Karma! You’ll be able to see what influences your credit the most. In my case, I had to take a hit (open a new credit card) so that the amount of open accounts would go up and allow my credit score to go even higher than before. So, #1 lower your credit usage to 10% or less and open Credit Karma so that you can see what is affecting your credit score and what can you do to make it increase :slightly_smiling_face:

Even if you pay off your balance every month the credit card company reports your balance on a certain day of the month. Find out what day that is and pay the balance down before then. They’ll report you have a lower balance and your debt ratio will be better. I just tried it for the first time and it went up 16 points.

Also making 2 payments instead of one on a credit card helps alot also. I did that before the 28th of the month and my credit score went up 10 points in one month. That was advice by Credit Karma

Get the experian app… it lets you add your bills which boosts your credit… i went from a 485 last year to a 618 …

My husband purchased a couple of secured cards, it worked very well in helping build credit. It’s basically a preloaded visa card through a credit card company, when you’re done with it you just pay off the card and then get the money that you preloaded back

Get a credit card and keep paying it off on time, or get a pre-paid credit card

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Are you maybe paying it too early? It has to actually hit your bill and then be paid before due to help build credit. I see many people using a credit card and then paying it right away, which does not help at all.

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I’ve been told several times by several finance people to never pay them off completely. I have 2. One of them I actually use and just make monthly payments on. The other one is just an open line of credit I’ve never used. Make more then the minimum but don’t pay it off. Look into a financial advisor to help you build it up.

If you’re paying the credit cards off late, that’s what’s causing your score to go down. The more you spend on the credit card the less it will help you. If you have a $5,000 limit and owe $4,000 that will drop your score because you have less available credit. Credit takes time and it won’t happen overnight. Just be patient. Don’t max out your cards and always pay them on time. If you leave a balance on them make sure it’s under 30%.


But be sure to not use the other cards again or you will find yourself in a worse situation