How can I cope with my husband giving me the silent treatment?

Does anyone have any experience coping with or dealing with a partner who gives “the silent treatment”. My husband is still active with the children and loving towards them, but when he gets upset with me, he will do days or weeks without speaking to me, touching me, or even coming to bed with me. It is completely devastating and I don’t know how to cope with it. I am constantly in tears. I have tried to talk multiple times and he ignores me. I have sent text messages so he could respond that way instead, and he still ignores me. How do I help him through his anger and help him move past it so we can have a healthy conversation?


Tell him to grow up!


He needs to grow tf up! And maybe see a therapist. Damn.

My husband does the silent treatment and when he finally gets over his self he talks

I would not put up with that at all girl :grimacing:

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Give him the same treatment, or act the fool.


Enjoy it, while it lasts. Lol


Your children learn from parental behavior and this is unacceptable on so many levels.


U have a boy not a man sweetie! Tell that “boy” bye!


Leave for a month stop taking that shit

That’s emotional abuse honestly. Unacceptable on every level I can imagine


This is not a YOU issue. This is a HE issue. You are not the problem. He needs to grow up or leave him. That’s completely unacceptable behavior, especially for a grown man. I understand calming down before talking, but days to weeks without communication is absolutely ridiculous!


If he can stand to be mad at you that long i would be questioning if he loves me

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Weeks? My husband’s lasts minutes. Weeks is very extreme.

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This is a form on Family Violence, i would seek support from a professional community health organisation for your self xxx stay strong

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I have no advice as I’m normally the one that gives the silent treatment. I’ll go days without talking to my husband because he just won’t stop.

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Fuck him, give him the same the silent treatment just like a little kid… how childish he’s being!

Simply unacceptable…an disrespectful
That’s just plain childish…
Put your foot down ma’am.

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Tell him to grow up and if he doesn’t change. Walk. That’s a form of emotional abuse. Especially the way you are describing it.


I go silent for at most a day but not weeks when I’m upset and it’s mostly because I feel like when I speak I’m not heard or that the person I’m talking with is only listening to respond not listening to understand. My husband is a bandaid person, let’s fix it as soon as it happens and I’m the type to gather my thoughts. He said he has figured out that sometimes I need space and that’s okay.