How can I cope with the fact that the father of my child left me?

Hey, I’m 3months pregnant now, and the baby daddy long left me when I was 4weeks pregnant. I’m happy about my baby, no doubt, but I get really sad sometimes when I see him posting his new girlfriend because I have no idea why he left his unborn baby and me. How will I survive this alone?


Start with blocking any access to his posts. You’ll grow from this.


Like the strong woman and mom u can be. You will provide for your baby with so much love. He/she will be fine


U will survive cuz u Will b a mom to ur new bb …u will survive cuz god chose u for this bb …u will survive cuz we as women are wayyy stronger thn sm men n this world!!

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We get through it somehow. I don’t know yet how, I’m terrified but we will make it. Mine was husband and I’m due any day. This is our second child together. I have two older children but I will have a toddler and newborn to take care of alone.

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Going through the same. We are much more stronger than we think, it’s their loss ultimately.


Oh honey, it’s hard right now but better things are coming your way. I was in a bad spot when I got pregnant but I love that little baby more than I could’ve ever imagined. You can do this, find a support system, family, church, friends. You got this momma

Sweetheart you’re not alone anymore! You have that precious life growing inside of you! It’s ok to feel exactly what you are feeling! You will survive this! It may be hard and scary but you will find the strength! Just believe in yourself!

They will look back with deep regret one day but unfortunately that one day is usually far off and too late. You can’t save them though no matter what, some are just too selfish for their own good.

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First, don’t look at pictures of him and his new relationship. Second, forget he exists. Third, pick out baby names… complete the nursery… focus on your baby.


Remind yourself - if it doesn’t serve you, move on.

Pray. Exercise. Stay busy. Surround yourself with positive people. Eat clean.

Focus on your baby and yourself

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Block him I know it sounds mean but why torture yourself?


As moms, and single moms at that, we get through it because we have to. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I understand that level of hurt and wondering why. There will be things you do and strength you find as a mom that you wouldn’t imagine possible. Hang in there!

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My sons father left me when I was 4 months pregnant. Found a new girl. He never spoke to me again. He’s never seen my son, never asked about him, nothing. I tried relentlessly to get him to meet him etc and nothing worked. I hired a lawyer for myself and my minor son and I had him served with parental termination papers. He voluntarily signed within 12 hours of being served. I went through the process 8ish months ago right before my sons 2nd bday. He has no legal obligations to my son ever again, no matter what. BUT that doesn’t lift the grief. I don’t have answers either. I don’t know why he left. He’s about to get married. He has another son he takes care of. Why my child? I don’t know. Feeling those feelings don’t ever get any easier but I can tell you this. YOU WILL BE OKAY! Allow yourself time to feel what you feel, give yourself time, deal with it however you need to deal with it and love your baby! Message me anytime. Even if it’s just to vent to a complete stranger. I am here! :heart::heart:


I can’t tell you how you will get through it. You just do it a day at a time because you have to. I was a single mom for 2 1/2 years. hugs

He didn’t leave the baby, he left you. When that baby is born and he doesn’t step up THEN you can say he left the baby. He’s allowed to be in a new relationship and still be a father to that baby. Don’t deny him parental rights because you’re jealous :woman_shrugging:t2:


My ex left me at 6 weeks pregnant and got another girl pregnant if that makes you feel any better :woman_shrugging:

You’ve got this :blush:. It seems so hard now, but you’ll look back at this time as a time when you grew as a person and got sooooooo strong. Focus on all the good things in your life right now :blush:. Write down things you are grateful for. You might not be able to see it now, but there are far better things coming your way! :heart:

Block him. And I’ve been there, still am, just talk to your baby about all the stuff you got them and they have waiting for them and talk to them in General, also about how many of YOUR family is so excited to meet the little one. I did and it got me through, also short walks outside helped and just having family around to talk to

You are strong enough to survive this alone. That baby will give you every reason to keep pushing even on the hard days. Block him so you don’t see that stuff. Stay focused on your happiness.