How can I deal with a co worker who micro manages everything that I do?

I have been at this job for 2 months now, it’s a little independent hardware store and I love it. Not a serious job, but just something to get out of the house! I enjoy everyone I work with but, there is one lady there that constantly micromanages everything and won’t let me do anything my way. Her way or the highway. She’s not my boss though she is highly respected there, and she really is a hard worker and amazing with customers. I as well do this, but I like to do things a bit. Differently, that’s easier for me. It’s nothing super serious, or I would understand, it’s just little things that drive me absolutely insane. She’s really nice to all the guys there but my other female co-worker and I she just isn’t respectful towards. I feel like I have no say because she’s been here off and on for three years, and well, I’ve been here for two months. I don’t know what to do? I’m scared if I say anything that I’ll just be fired or it won’t matter what I say, and nothing will change. My boss did warm me in my interview that 2 of the girls here can be in his words “catty” and that he’s giving me a heads up.


Go to work, do your job. Until your probation period is up at least, three months in Canada,

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Stand your ground. Talk with your boss, not about her, but about the way you do things. Make sure you hear from him that what you’re doing is fine.

Then continue doing things the way you prefer and watch it annoy tf out of her in amusement. :upside_down_face:


I’d suggest taking the high road. Stay kind and get the job done. The boss obviously knows what you’re up against! It is interesting to me how people think you can only get things done one way.

Kill her with kindness…andjust keep doing your. Job dont worry about her. There will always be someone you cant stand to work with anywhere ya go.


Is her name rowena leota at Thomson’s itm
because she’ll eventually bully you and make you feel like your the problem he will push it under the rug and act like nothing happens to make them look good then eventually you’ll leave because the bullying becomes threatening and they still do nothing about it

Leave while you can companies don’t give a shit abo it one employee it easier to hide it then deal with it as it’s expensive and time consuming
I’m sorry your going through such a shit time people are cunts :disappointed:

Kill her with kindness. Show her that you want to learn from her.

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Just get your bosses okay about the things you’re doing, and then tell her your boss okayed it and go about your business. I personally would ignore her or go “mhm, thanks” and just continue my job. It’s not like you can get in trouble for it.


Be careful how unimportant that job is to you. After 3 years, you won’t win if the boss has to choose between you.


You can either ignore her and her suggestions if she isn’t your boss or you can speak to your boss politely about it.

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She’s a coworker not your boss. Thank her for her input and then go about your business. “Thank you for letting me know how you do it!” And then do your thing.


If the manager gave you a heads up, then there should be no problem bringing your concerns up with them.


She’s not your boss. Tell her shut up, and to take a walk

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Oof, I have one of those! Just be a smartass with your coworker. Tell her she doesn’t sign your paycheck n if your boss has an issue with the way you do things, he’ll let you know but you appreciate her trying to help but you got it.


Just continuously do what you feel is better and tell her thank you for the suggestion 

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Deal with it or leave. I had a supervisor like that but 100xs worse. The manager told me to deal with her or leave so bye bye. She caused me so much stress and hostile work environment. I’m too old for that shit. It was a bank btw. I hate corporate jobs and that was the first one I ever had. Never again.

You’ve been there 2 months…maybe listen to your co workers and try to work with them rather then make enemies with them!! You are only new to the job and probably on probation. Why make waves for yourself?


Do it your way…if she dont like kindly tell her shes more than welcome to redo it

Put her in her place and she won’t fuck with you anymore

Ask her why she wants you to do it that way. There might be a reason. As a manager I have to make people do thing “certain” ways because its “policy” even though it might seem silly or unnecessary. If her only reason is because that’s the way she likes it done then tell her “well I like it this way” and go on about your day. :woman_shrugging:t3: