How can I deal with my daughters bad behavior?

I have a question to post anonymous, please! I have a 7 yr old with behavioral challenges. ! I have tried grounding, time outs, chores, and talking to her. She lies, has been caught stealing, yells, hits, and just outright ignores me. I am at a loss, ladies, please help me! I’m a single mom(dad sees her most weekends), and I don’t have any idea what to do next! I’ve talked to her dad as well, and we have sat down with her together to try to figure this out to no avail. Mamma needs some help, please!! Also, if you ladies can help me figure out how to keep her on my phone. She has never been aloud my phone, and I’ve hidden it at night put a password on, and she still finds it and figured out the password last night


Put her in time out if she keeps getting out put her right back don’t give in or give up…as for the phone just don’t give it to her if she gets it take it off of her put her back in time out and don’t give in…I have 4 amazing children who behave very well people used to ask me how did you get so lucky I could take my children into a store or restaurant…time out work as long as you stick with it…good luck

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There is something underlying going on. I would suggest to start with a therapist, to see why she is acting out. She’s def trying to tell you something. Figure out now before it gets any worse and it can. With a therapist u can do behavior therapy, and figure out where the prob is. Could be oppositional defiance disorder, or something to do with the fact you guys are divorced. She might just be to young to know how to express why she is doing what she’s doing.


I would take her to see a therapist

Could she picking the behavior up from school or a friend she hangs with? I’d also monitor what she’s watching on the phone. Check your history on YouTube and Google.
Consistency is key. If its time-out stick to it and give her no attention for misbehaving(timeout should not be in her bedroom or anywhere she can play or watch TV) if she gets out of timeout 100 times put her back 100 times. If you ground her stick to it and don’t give in and let her off early when she behaves on punishment.
As for your phone does yours have the thumbprint feature or retina scan? If so try those.
Also if she is punished at your house she should also be punished at Dads house too.

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For your phone if you can use Touch ID

It’s called an old fashioned butt whipping. It works wonders.


Concur with the therapist suggestion. Hope you get to the bottom of why she is acting out & are able to resolve things relatively easily.

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Spank her butt honestly. Just can’t leave a mark longer than 24 hours :woman_shrugging:t3: if nothing is working then use that as a last resort. Get her into therapy also. The phone one is simple and easy to fix simply hide it from her put it under your pillow at nighttime or put in your closet in a shirt or your dresser in a pair of jeans or underwear.


My daughter did the same had to go to therapy she was diagnosed with ADHD AND ODD (oppositional defiance disorder)


There’s obviously a bigger issue causing her to act

زائف عسريع :unamused::unamused:

How’s a child gonna know “hitting hurts” if they’ve never been hit. Bust that ass. Show her what a spanking feels like. Quit babying these brats.

A 7 year old knows your password or figured it out much less found your phone really. You sleeping that hard. No wonder.


How many kids do you have? Do your kids play any sport like soccor or touch rugby. My sons had to play a team sport in winter and summer. Softball in summer. Badminton my sons use to play some sport. Swimming lessons play cricket join a team. Netball or basketball. Martial arts or a dance group.

She may benefit from counseling . My kids went around that age and through some of the years growing up . It really helped . Being the child of divorce is really hard on these kids . You will also benefit from a good counselor . I know I did ! It’s hard to deal with as a mama and help is available .


Just let your daughter know that she is not the reason why you guys split up. Talk to your ex partner and I hope you have a healthy relationship even after breaking up.

Following for advice aswell

You/she need professional help with this.
As for the phone : put it in your pillowcase while you sleep…

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Talk to her doctor. Check out Dr Ross Greene, he’s got some books to help.