How can I deal with my toddlers attitude?

Alright, so my daughters two now and man oh man is she a mean thing. She says NO and will throw fits when she doesn’t get her way, or when leaving a place she doesn’t want to be leaving. What are some things your moms with older children did at this age? What works best


Going through the same with my son , had 3 daughters before him and he is a terror

Sounds like a 2 yr old. No tricks just consistency and routine, esp bedtime and a good diet. If u need support contact parent partners or see if theres child behavior specialists in your area.

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Ignore it, walk away, or pick them up and make them leave. If she says “no” you say “okay then I’m going and you can stay here alone”.


It’s the age. Gotta be consistent. I wasn’t at all consistent starting out and it only got worse. When consistency became part of the game she was a whole different kid. Pick them up and make them leave. Discipline when they hit, throw things, etc. Take those things away for a little while and come back to them later. Lead by example. Don’t yell or get worked up, otherwise they will too. No one thing will work for every child.


Ignored it. Just don’t entertain it. Worked for me… I remember my son was 2 an he had a massive tantrum in the middle of town, like screaming an throwing himself on the floor lol I just walked away, 5 mins later he came running back to me barely even crying cuz he was like wtf lol… They just want the attention, negative or positive

Get down on her level and be stern and tell her how it is. Don’t give in.


Consistency in key. Don’t give into the tantrums. This is pretty normal for that age. She is testing her boundries. She will learn. It may take some time and a few headaches along the way but dont give up or give into her. Keep it consistent.


I spanked my children and taught them there were consequences for their actions. Throw fits when we need to leave? They don’t get to go. Throw fits for not getting their way they got nothing. My kids are now adults and are respectful of people, know they life isn’t fair, and know that working hard is the only way to get what they want.

Imagining that at 14 helped me. I thought damn she’s a foot and a half tall and I’m 5 ft tall it’s gonna be my way. :thinking::thinking:

Take things away that is her favorite is what I do with my 3 year old.

Plan plenty of time and enjoy the song in the car if you’re a few mins early. You got this!!

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Hahaha Nothing those are the terrible twos , every child at that age does it , have to wait until she turns 3 3/4 or 4 years old .


Throwing tantrums ,leave .Walk away. Let her know you would have none of that . Spanking works time out too

Patience…I used to just sit down and watch my son have a tantrum…I would not raise my voice, no conversation…just patiently wait. Saying no and throwing things resulted in him not getting that item back…The only time I actually had to spank his little legs is when he spit on me…I will never tolerate that from anyone…

Throw a tantrum back lol. My kid did this at target, the hubbs started fake crying back at him lol. Kid was NOT impressed and never again did it happen. I think ot embarrased him

When leaving somewhere and she wants to stay, tell her it is time to go.
If she can’t behave she won’t return.
But, if she behaves this time maybe next time you would be able to stay a little longer.
If anything is thrown, take the item away and she doesn’t get it back until she knows not to throw things except balls outside.
I may sound mean or tough. But, kids need to learn.


Nothing and I mean nothing worked for me. They did outgrow it. Best of luck.

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I have 5 children and all I can say is, whatever plan or procedures you come up with you better commit to them. Don’t cave the first second or third time your child defies you, be patient and follow through.

Okay, so here’s a couple things that I would do with my kids.

  1. If we were going somewhere I would talk to them about it before we went. I would tell them that they have to obey and behave. I told them if they behaved at the end of our outing they would get something. I used fruit chews or a trip to the dollar tree for example.
  2. At the end of the day I would recap what they did that was good and praise them for it again.
  3. Remember that a strong willed child most likely won’t grow up to be a pushover. Don’t break their spirit. Exaggerated praise when they do good is so much more encouraging to good behavior than yelling and hitting.
    I hope this helps.

When mine didn’t want to leave somewhere ( like playground) after I gave her 5 minute warning ahead that we were leaving soon& it was safe to do so, i started walking away or getting on bike to leave. She soon followed ( often throwing massive wobble in process :laughing:). Same as in supermarket when she threw herself on ground because she didn’t get away, walked away from her as toddler. She very soon followed. Other than that, the odd spank on butt or time out in her room etc. 22 years old now & turned out awesome