How can I deal with this situation with my sons fiance?

How do I respond to my son’s father’s SO stepping on my toes? My son’s father got engaged last year. Before, he did not participate in decisions regarding my son. I was the primary caregiver. Now, his fiancee is getting involved in school, health, etc. And doing so without my consent. She tells me how to raise my child (though she has no children of her own) has demanded that any communication between my son’s father and I be forwarded to her as well. She just does not respect boundaries whatsoever, even though I have asked her to. What can I do to get her to back off, or perhaps make this relationship tolerable?


You need to take this up with HIM. Totally unacceptable, and will only get worse of allowed to go on.


He should have already told her to stop.


Just continue to communicate with the father, you have no obligation to communicate with her, sounds like she’s jealous and just has to be up in his business, she has no business involving herself the way she is…


Totally unacceptable. Communication between you and the father is all that matters. Your ex should put his foot down


Tell her to sit and spin lol


Uh be glad she cares? Have a group text. Sit down together and talk. If they’re getting married she’s going to be in your kiddos life.


Smack her in the mouth


Maybe just try to talk to her. I know it’s a pain in the ass but it’s better for everyone if you can all discuss things and get along

You don’t have to speak to her. Don’t even respond to her. You’ll only fuel her fire.


Tell your ex to man up that’s your twos child her opinion means nothing when it comes to your child

Its not responsibility to communicate with her, its her fiance responsibility.

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Get a pfa on her ass period but i would clearly put her on her place

honestly, If his dad wasn’t as involved and she’s trying to be, let her… she’s not only agreeing to a lifelong commitment to your BD but also to your child and it seems to me like that would be a good thing. She does deserve to be included in knowing what’s going on but I wouldn’t really let her have a vote on decisions just yet.


It’s nice that she wants to be involved. But, that’s controlling and overstepping boundaries.

She doesn’t have any rights to your child or decision making.

You need to communicate that he needs to put her in her place before you do.

I love my sons to-be-stepmom… but I have told my sons father that there is a line and I don’t want her to cross it. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I actually think its amazing that she wants to be actively involved in your childs life bc she is. They are getting married, she will be his step mom. Instead of being negative and working against her, work together for the benfit of the child whom I’m sure loves you both. I think it shows she cares and is stepping up as a step parent should do.


Blocked her number and refuse to speak with her. The father should be contacting you about his own child. Not his spouse. The fact she didn’t respect your boundaries, which you made very clear. Then in my opinion. She can kiss your ass, cause it’s not her child. You ex needs to man up and talk to you himself. Expecting someone else to do his dirty work is not appropriate!

I’ve been there… Yada,yada,yada they stopped seeing my kid. Find a non argumentative resolution please for the kiddo

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I understand the issue of her wanted things forwarded to her as well but however be glad that she is wanting to be involved in your sons schooling, health etc. Just sit them down and talk about it. Talk about how you are feeling. Keep your cool though.


Talk to him and if he doesn’t do anything about it, politely inform her that she is not the legal stepparent yet and has no legal say, nor does she have the legal right to get involved with his healthcare or schooling.