How can I dry up my breastmilk?

I’ve researched everything and have followed all of the suggestions on the internet. Even after trying them all, I still have milk if I try to express them. They don’t leak anymore though. Suggestions?


I put cabbage in my bra … it dried up

Walk around with cabbage leaves in ur bra… helps with the pain as well


Take a cloth diaper on each breast, then take a crib sheet and have someone tie it as tight as they can for a few days and you’ll be good

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If you keep trying to see if it’s there by expressing them it’s not going to go away, leave your breasts alone, as long as they aren’t leaking and causing pain and becoming engorged it should dry up eventually on its own. No nipple play and even continue some remedies while waiting for them to dry up, cabbage is a good one I’ve heard.


I just stopped pumping and mine stopped… I wasn’t trying to stop but got caught up with my son getting sick and my daughter…

I used cabbage leaves and it worked wonders for me. I would put them against my breast and have my husband wrap an ace bandage around me as tight as I could stand. Doing this for a few days completely dried my milk up.

What Aisha Payne said. Expressing is the problem. Don’t pump, don’t squeeze, don’t feed, don’t do anything that involves squeezing on your nipples.


Go to walmart and buy a tea call Earth Mama No More Milk …its very cheap organic tea supplement taste good also…I had a baby two months ago and this has help me instantly after the first cup …1 week and you will completely have no more milk

Take Sudafed. Cabbage leaves and warm showers helped with the pain of fullness, but once I took Sudafed, I was dried up in less than 48 hours.


One dose of diarrhea meds dried me up completely. Even tho it was unintentional it worked overnite.

Stop milking yourself, and wear a good tight bra or use super wide ace bandage, and have someone help bind your boobs. They don’t fill if they have no room to expand and fill.

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It’s a pill from your doc, think it’s called Tace

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Umm well I never “stopped” if u stimulating them , expressing the milk the longer you will make a larger amount so …just stop…I thought I had a issue but apparently once you have it never stops n can be made heavier by stimulating them…hence Wet Nurses could be older ladies …

Bind them with ace bandage

Shit I have breast fed for 3 yrs and can still Express some


Just sell it on a freaky site… Lots of dudes into drinking breast milk ijs​:joy::joy::joy::woman_shrugging:t4:

I had a shot after my stillbirth. Binding right. No stimulation. Cabbage leaves.

I used cabbage leaves. It worked for me.


Before you do post local see if anyone could use breast milk… like someone with new baby or shelters ect… that’s what another lady did. Donated 64 bags of frozen breast milk. I didnt know there was a need but you might just help someone.