How can I encourage my daughter with potty training?

Hi! So I need some help in the potty training department. My daughter is 2.5 years old. At home, she only wears panties, and she only has an accident once or twice a week. I set my phone on a 30 min timer, and most of the time, she relieves herself. My problem lies with #2. She has only gone poop on the toilet once. She will go and hide and then immediately after telling me she went to the bathroom. I don’t know how to break this cycle, so any help or encouraging thoughts are appreciated.


Offer her a treat when she poops. We gave our daughter a chocolate chip…lol…every time she pooped on the potty

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It was hard for my son too w the poop thing. I tried everything. Eventually I just told him that in the sewer lives fish and they live off of our poop. So if you dont poop in the potty, theyll starve … it worked. Cant hurt to try it lol


This is going to sound ridiculous… but it worked for my kiddos.
Tell her she has to feed the alligators. And they live in the sewer far away from your house. But they only eat poop.
Also- make her put her own poop in the potty when she goes in her panties.
Regardless of how they get fed…the alligators have to eat!

I’m sure I’m about to get slammed for this comment but hey…it worked for my kids and they were trained before two. :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:(Took a little longer for nights​:crazy_face:)


Sticker charts worked for me. Made a 1 month calendar on a poster board, hung in her room. She got to put little stickers each time they peed on the potty, and big ones for poop. Lots of praise. FaceTimed with her grandparents so they could praise her too. Whatever works, go with it. If she did well for a whole month, at the end of the calendar there was a big picture of the aquarium. So it was a countdown to visit the aquarium, and a reward sheet for her.

Straight to underwear… don’t go anywhere or make it short trips…

I used a star/reward board for my kids. When they went we put a star by their name at the end of the week they would get a reward. Hope this or any of the ideas mentioned above helps you.

Are there consequences? You can’t have rewards without consequences.

Treats or stickers don’t work for all kiddos…they will do it when they chose to

Does she have to clean her underwear in the toilet? Stopped my brother right away.

When you notice her trying to go hide, take her to the potty! Tell her when she poops on potty she can have a sticker to put on her chart! Goodluck mommy!

Praising for using the potty and time outs in wet underwear when theres an accident. No longer than 5 min. My kids hated having to stand in the wet itchy clothes and thus quit peeing their pants. The weeks with no accidents reward her by going out to get ice cream or a dollar store toy or something like that.

I’m a first time mom my son is 1 how do I know when he’s ready to be potty trained

My suggestion would be to get a poster board and let her have a sticker for every time she potties. #2 can have a sucker. That way, she realizes she gets a sweet treat and she may try to go #2 more because she gets the treat.


I told my oldest daughter if she started pooping and peeing on the potty she could have a princess party

I had the same issue with my daughter and I ended up having to do a treat jar full of watermelon and peach slices from bulk barn. She got one each time she went pee on the potty and two if she went poop. I also did the 3 day training challenge where they’re either naked or in only underwear at home and you leave her that way for the full 3 days until she’s down to no accidents. I tried a sticker chart and she wasn’t into it at all unfortunately.