How can I encourage my husband to spend time with his friends?

How do i encourage my husband to get out and hang out with his friends more often? He hasn’t been out in over a year - since his best friend passed away. He’s not getting on my nerves or anything like that. He’s truly amazing. He works all day, comes home and makes dinner and spends time with the kids before bed. On weekends, he likes to help me deep clean the house. I’m not complaining, I’m very grateful. I just feel like he deserves to unwind with some buddies and have a good time. I can’t give him the male companionship that every man needs, but he’s shutting everyone else out.


Let him heal on his own time, there is no expiration date for grieving, be patient with him, let him make his own decisions.


He might not be shutting everyone out, he might just be spending his time with the ones that mean the most to him!! Losing his friend made him realize how precious life is and one day memories is all you’ll have!! He’s making great memories with the ones he loves the most!


If u want him to get out why don’t you guys set up some time for a date night. It’s not with the guys but it may get him back in the spirits of going out.


Am I daydreaming? I mean you have God with you. Blessed you are.


Let him do things in his own time. Hes not going to enjoy himself if he feels forced to do it. Get a sitter and both of you go out together.

I mean can he come clean my house? You can totally hire him out. :wink::grin:

Thank God you’re husband is such a bless man be thankful he may just want only spend time with his family


Maybe do some double or group dates… he’ll probably get invited to do other stuff

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. He’s happy!!


Be careful what you ask for.


Darling dont encourage him. My husband was the exact same thing and the first time he went out with “the boys” he ended up cheating and lying…and since then hes been out every other day coming back at 4 am drunk and God knows what else hes been doing… we are now getting divorced! Be careful what you ask for!!

It sounds like maybe he is still grieving. Although I’ve been married 26 years, my hubby hasn’t been a social guy in 20 years, like he outgrew it or morphed out of it. He prefers it that way, I spent many years trying to get him to make friends and get out. It’s just not for him. He’d rather be a homebody. I’ve adjusted.

Thats his safe place, let it be just that.
My man does this for me even knowing that after a while out, i have to get back to
“my bubble” lol you didnt say if you 2 go out but try to get him out ti sit at a bar and have a beer or 2, he might feel the need to reach out to his friends. Good luck

Invite some of his friends over for informal card game night that way it’s not a whole lot of people and you don’t have to carry on a lot of conversation. sometimes you have to take baby steps


why ?You are absolutely bless that he is giving quality time to your family rather than with friends.


He is shutting out his friends so that when the next one dies he thinks he wont feel so much pain. I have seen this before. Men are different in how they handle grief.


You do you, let him do him. Just because you think he should go out with his mates doesnt mean he should, it means that is how you would handle the situation if you were in it…maybe.


Don’t force it, or he could end up resentful. Let him heal in his own way, in his own time. Not everyone needs a lot of social stimulation, especially when grieving. It’s a very long process in some cases. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


You’ve got nice life problems