How can I ensure I produce enough milk?

I’m expecting my fourth child. I have breastfed every one of mine and plan to do so with this one as well. Unfortunately, every time my milk dries out, or I don’t produce enough to satisfy baby. What are some things you moms have done to help milk production? That actually gave you good results.

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hydration and feed on demand

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Lots of fluids, pumping a lot when you see you’re losing supply (power pumping) & nursing as much as possible(rather than pumping into a bottle and feeding baby with it)
I tried fenugreek & mothers milk tea and body armor drinks & gatorade & oatmeal and everything but I think that power pumping helped the most.

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The drink body armor

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Plenty water feed on demand lots skin to skin.

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Oatmeal every morning, nursing on demand and drinking a lot of water throughout the day

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Barley and a lot of water

Lots of water and making sure you are eating enough. Also pumping will help too.

All this is good advice, but keep in mind, just because baby nurses often does not mean low supply.
Staying hydrated and feeding on demand!
Good luck to you and your new nursling :blue_heart:


Nursing often doesn’t mean low supply. Watch for diaper count 4-6 in a 24 hour period.
Drink lots of water, eat when hungry, nurse on demand.
Feed every 3-6 hours with ONLY ONE 5 hour stretch at night.
And if you think your supply is struggling get baby checked for an oral tie. (Lip/tongue)

Do you have low iron? That can dry your milk out. I was only able to combination feed for 4 weeks as my milk just went. HV said it’s normal for mums with anaemia

Keep hydrated and eat oatmeal for breakfast EVERY morning. My pumps produce 2 oz less each time if i dont have oatmeal for breakfast. Then if i eat it the next day im back to normal

Staying hydrated, keeping up with prenatal, and I always pumped after my children breastfed

These help me when I’m needing snacks and I drink extra water. Coconut milk I’ve heard is good too.

Lots and lots of water, make sure you’re eating plenty. And nurse baby as often as possible. Don’t ignore cluster feedings. Don’t substitute any formula. The more you nurse the more milk you will make. I have heard about body armor drinks helping but I haven’t tried it yet.

Lots of water and eating enough to supply your milk and ur body. Oatmeal is a great start to the day of producing

Are you meeting with a lactation consultant that is telling you you are not producing? Or why? Water and nurse. If babe is gaining and wanting to nurse it doesn’t mean low supply its helping. If using bottles pace feed so the babe doesn’t get flow confusion. Avoid fenugreek at all cost and nurse on.

The hospital got me using an electric pump first thing in the morning. I could check my milk supply was right and it also encouraged milk flow. Mine started putting on weight soon after. It’s more important that you breastfeed correctly so they get the hindmilk as this could also reduce your supply. Also think about them just before your feeding.

Remember they don’t need bottles of the stuff too!

Speak to a lactation consultant. They help tremendously.