How can I explain to my 2-year-old that I cannot play rough anymore?

I found out I was pregnant (possibly a month in) And I have a 2.5 year old crazy boy. How do you mamas explain that he needs to be more gentle towards me and I can’t really “play rough” anymore?


My sister tells her son that she’s old and it seems to work well :joy:


I have a 20 month old who just doesn’t understand why he cant jump and climb all over me anymore. I just keep redirecting him. I can tell him all day long it’s because there is a baby in my tummy but he doesn’t know what that means.

Every time he starts put your hand up and tell him no jumping on you or whatever he’s doing to be rough and he’ll soon get the picture. Tell him mom has a baby in your tummy and he can hurt you. You may not think he’ll understand but he will soon realize that you’re not going to let him. Congratulations

Tell him your breakable. Like glass . children like things they. An see or imagine

I have a rambunctious 2 yr old, currently 7m pregnant. I’ve recently started getting him to gently touch my tummy, saying baby and sometimes he’ll put his head down on me. He just started doing it soo it took alot of time and redirecting.

I’m so glad someone brought this up I’m pregnant and have an almost 2 year old and he’s very rough but doesn’t understand sister is in mommy’s belly

I took my lil boy to an ultrasound nd then let him touch my belly nd told him theres a baby in there. He started to be gentle after that. Maybe even get him a doll so he learns ‘careful’ even a boy doll if he needs. I didnt care two hoots what people thoughts. Now Ive got a beautiful caring 7 year old who looks after his family nd loves his baby sister whos now 5. Shes a troll.


I introduced baby dolls to my 2yo boy. He would hug them and kiss them ect then explained to him that “mommy has a baby in her belly that will be here soon, his baby brother is in there” he understood pretty well. He would rub my belly and give “the baby” kisses. Whenever he started to get rough i would let him know that hurts mommy and mommy doesn’t like that. Congratulations and good luck :heart:

You’ve got lots of time to teach him to be gentler. Explain why. He’s capable of getting it.

It doesn’t work :woman_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes: I’ve been struggling with this as well with a 2.5yr old wild child

I’d say you have a couple months before you really need to worry about that

Not trying to be ugly but youre fine unless youre super high risk or something. Play normal and be normal. Pregnancy is not disabling when its a healthy pregnancy. Dont have your child miss out just because youre pregnant. Your little peanut is seriously protected in your body. Just teach your kid no hitting or shoving or throwing. All things they should know anyways. You got this!


My son (age 18 months at the time) wouldn’t Rough play, but through a tantrum and kick while I’m changing his Pamper.
I had to change those Pampers quickly and speak to him firmly the we do not kick.

I don’t think theres anything stopping you from your regular play at this point


Any time he’s too rough tell him “gentle” and demonstrate a gentle touch. If he’s still rough, loudly exclaim “ouch” and pretend to be upset, explain that he hurt your body and your feelings and that he has to be gentle. Then give him a hug


Tell him you have a baby in your belly and he needs to be careful and easy. Also be firm about this because you have an infant coming. Better to give him time to get used to being easy now.

My son was 14 months when I fell pregnant with my first daughter, I told him every day that there was a baby in my tummy and he had to be gentle and rub my belly

Unless there is some reason you are extremely high risk there is absolutely no reason you cannot continue on with life as normal. Women still work out and do cross fit and have strenuous jobs during pregnancy. Not much a 2 year old can do to you could harm your baby. It has plenty of cushion…


I would just tell him you gotta be easy. Your baby brother or sister is in my belly. We have to be easy on the baby.