How can I explain to my boyfriend what I am going through?

So I’m pregnant with my 2nd. My bf and I have another one together that resulted in the breakup but decided to get back together. The first one was hard because he didn’t support/help my emotional changes. The same thing is happening, and I’ve been trying harder to explain whats going on with me. It seems like I’m going down the same road, but I do want to try to steer another direction. How do I explain to him what I’m dealing with to keep the peace and so he can understand?


Take him to a ob appointment and have the doctor explain the hormone changes


Just be honest and it’s okay for you to have these concerns… i completely understand what you are going through. Its crazy enough that our bodies go through so many changes and that we go through many and i mean many hormones. As a mother all you is for your family to stay together. The best way to say it is just to come out and tell him how you feel

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Would he be will to read What to expect when your expecting?


Write him a letter and explain what’s going on, that way he can digest the informationin his own time and respond accordingly


Try and communicate with him in a healthier way eg choose to discuss certain issues what’s bothering you when the issue is not bothering you so when you’re feeling ok, quite chilled and ready to have an honest conversation… You’ve both been down this road before so he knows what you’re going through and is doing the man thing of being ‘blissfully ignorant’. I’d remind him of what happened last time and that you’re trying to avoid that happening again- let him know that you’re trying to not repeat history… Baby number 2 is always harder as you’re still looking after baby number 1. Be direct, be transparent and be honest… wishing you the best of luck xx

Sometimes men have a hard time understanding the emotional change due to pregnancy and these woman commenting have great ideas

It appears you need to think long and hard about your choices.


Sit down n cry about your feelinv

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If he doesn’t know you’re pregnant, then you best tell him quick and see how he reacts. You will either leave or he will understand and support. If he doesn’t want another and honestly, he may not want to go down this road again. be prepared to speak with an attorney!!

Take him to dr appt so the dr or nurse can explain it in words he can understand. He clearly can’t grasp this simple science of pregnancy.

One thing I have read is often people shut down when you point blame regardless of pregnancy or not(not saying you are) but a good way to practice changing to communicate. In place of you should of… can be maybe we can.
Or you didn’t… Doesn’t look like either of us. You need to…The both of us need to work on…
I understand I am feeling emotional from pregnancy but can we instead of you.
Type of things or.
This house is a mess, can’t you just help.
This house is a mess it would be great if we could get it looking better.

You went back, again, and got pregnant a second time?!


I’m sorry I feel it is so selfish for men to throw shade at this time. I broke up with my husband every other day when I was pregnant and I called him some horrid names he never held it against me

It’s curious why you wld imagine it wld be different the second time. I’ll never understand why we do the things we do. You already had proof of how he behaves in the situation.

If he was useless the first time round what ever made you think he would be any different the second time

Why would you get pregnant by him again if he was a peice of shit with the first one? I’m sorry but you sound pretty stupid and maybe you need to grow up a little bit and realize you have two kids to raise and quit worrying about him.


Honestly, you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to get respect and support. It’s a given that women go through many hormonal changes while pregnant. He just needs to be supportive because you’re growing a tiny human in you.

Now, if you’re needing specific help, tell him exactly what it is you’re needing- whether it’s to be held or helped with housework.


Was number 2 pregnancy planned? He might be peaking again about the responsibility etc.

Why would you have another baby with him? He obviously hasn’t changed. Leave.