How can I explain to my kids my SIL is now with a woman?

I need some advice; my SIL was married, had three kids, and as of May, was divorced. We spoke to our kids about the divorce and how they may not see their uncle as often but is still part of the family, etc. Well, now my SIL is in a relationship with a woman. We are supportive of her but are unsure how to tell our kids that this woman they have met and been around us more than a friend. I have no doubt that they will be accepting, but how do I explain how their aunt was married to a man and is now interested in women (especially so quickly)? Any advice would be appreciated. Our kids are 10,6, and 5


I would not give great detail I would just say aunt X has a girlfriend and leave it at that kids that age don’t need elaborate explanations one relationships


“Your aunt likes girls, we can love whoever we want and makes us happy, your aunt found happiness with a girl”


I thought this said how do you tell your kids your sil is now a woman… :woman_facepalming:


Be honest? Like for real… kids learn hatred from vile adults. Aunty loves X. The end.


I wouldn’t go into detail. That’s auntie girlfriend. As they get older and have question. Then answer them. It might be you that cares. They might not. I think they are to young to even realize.


I don’t get the issue. If they ask matter of factly say this is her girlfriend


If you make a big deal about it so will the kids. Kids aren’t dumb, they do know what gay is. Just be honest. Auntie is dating a woman and if they have any questions answer them. Be honest.

I wouldn’t give it to much thought. Let it just be a casual part of the life. If they ask, explain that people love who they love. :woman_shrugging:
But I think making it a “thing” would be more confusing that letting it just be.

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Answer any questions they may have and don’t make a big deL out of it.

Love is love. Say what it is. That’s auntie’s new girlfriend. If they have questions beyond that, you will find the right words. Good luck!

Um you say “this is your aunt’s girlfriend” and keep it moving. Why are you making it a big deal? Why does a relationship need to be explained?


My mom was married to my dad for 20 something years and divorced like 2 years ago then married a woman last year. My kids are 9,7,5 & 2. My older kids really didnt think much about it. All they did was ask why was she with a woman and all we said was sometime women like other women and sometimes men like other men and that was that. They never asked about it again and were fine with having two “mawmaws” instead of a mawmaw and pawpaw.

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I think you may be overthinking this, just be honest and say that this is her girlfriend… If they ask “where is uncle gone?” just say something like “hes at his house”… Keep explanations simple… If they ask too many questions just be honest but keep it simple…


You don’t :woman_shrugging:t3: Aunt BBB really likes XXX we should be kind and welcoming.

Any questions passed that answer as they come … my 5 year old asked me but mom it’s 2 (in our case it was males) I simply said your right you can love all kinds of people as long as they are kind and make you happy. He said but mom and I said different things make different ppl happy and that’s all anyone wants to be is happy and loved he said yup and kept it moving. Odds are your putting way more thought to this then they will

“That’s your aunts girlfriend” and leave it at that. If they ask questions just say your aunt loves her and that’s all that matters. People can love who they want to love.

Be casual, don’t sit them down and point it out, if they ask, don’t ummmm it either. That’s her new girlfriend, all there is to it.

If you just say hey auntie is dating so and so now. If you make it a non issue then the kids will just accept it as is. No biggi unless you make it biggie. :revolving_hearts:

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I don’t think it’s something you need to make a big deal about. Love is love and, that’s all they need to know.

Say nothing maybe a phase