How can I explain to my kids their dog passed?

How can I tell my kids that their dog passed away? They were visiting their father this past week and their 10-year-old passed away peacefully in his sleep. They are only 3 years old and 5 years old so I do not even know if they will fully understand so I want to be as gentle with this as a possibly can in a way they will. Please help me!


Look up Rainbow Bridge poem it can help and its sweet


There is a book what helps with passing of animals for young kids called rainbow Bridge x

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Our daughter was 5 when our dog who was 14 passed. She was at school when it happened. We were honest with her. We explained Kara (the dog) was really old and she passed away and went to heaven. We listed some other people that were heaven and just her Kara was now with them and they would take care of her.


Just don’t say anything like he fell asleep and didn’t wake up, cause they may refuse to sleep thinking they won’t wake up, I was always told that my pets went to pet heaven, and that they are playing up there with all the other pets and they’re happy. Just like I was told people that passed wemt to heaven.


When my son was young and we had a dog pass. We told him that Mia (the dog) was sick, and she went to live with Jesus and now she’s not sick anymore. That one day when he gets older he’ll understand it a lot more. She’s no longer hurting but instead up, playing with other dogs and kids and she’s happy.

My 4 year old has an idea of death as daddy is a video game player. Her favorite to watch him play is dead by daylight lol. It wasn’t hard for her to pick up is what I’m getting at though kids are very clever. Explain it in soft correct terms

We had our 12 year old and our 10 year old both have to be put down due to cancer within 2 months of each other earlier this year. I have a 4 year old and we were just honest with her that they went to heaven and they’re not hurting anymore. She still talks about them every day and says she misses them. My mom had a picture blanket made of one and we had a picture pillowcase made of the other one and it has really helped her. She loves her blanket and pillow so much and cuddles with them all the time.


I used the peanut butter passed while she was sleeping she’s now up in heaven with memare and they are all taking care of each other and no longer in pain or suffering

When we had a miscarriage, I explained it to my 4 & 6 year old like this.
We as people have a body. Our bodies are born from our moms. Our body is like a car. And we, the person inside our body is like the driver. Our driver or soul can not live in a broken car or body. So when our body breaks down, our driver goes to heaven.


We have been through this numerous times with our children and then our grandchildren. Just be honest and don’t make too much of it. They will be fine.

Thankfully I’ve never had to explain the passing of an animal. We are Christian and my daughter is all about Jesus. Has been since she was around 11 months. She was 2 when my grandfather’s cancer came back. There was nothing that could be done, he signed a DNR and finished his will. We explained to her that “great pawpaw” was going to live with Jesus soon. He wouldn’t be in any pain and he’d be with all of his loved ones who already lived with Jesus. We let her attend his funeral and she stood beside him telling everyone that it’s ok because he lives with Jesus now and isn’t sick anymore. I’m sorry I am no help and I realize that not everyone believes in Jesus, but this is what helped my daughter with death.

My 4 year old has fish and when one her fish dies we just tell her they have gone to fish heaven. She cries and gets sad but doesn’t fully understand but shes ok with them going to fish heaven

Most children handle death better than we do. Be honest and tell them the dog was old and not feeling well.


Let them help plan the “memorial” and do something special

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Awww I’m sorry to hear that. I won’t be much help though I’m a blunt straight to the point kind of mom and let’s just say not eveyones cup of tea. I hope it works out maybe do a honoring thing for the dog so they can give flowers

I said , Dog went to the farm for a vacation.

Just tell them dog gone.

I told my 4 year old that our dog went to heaven so he could chase cows and so that he would be made better (he was rather poorly and old)
She now waves at the sky when there’s an aeroplane clouding) as says its our dog chasing cows.

Our fish died (I didn’t mention it)
She told me a few days later that she had 3 fish and now she has 2 because one moved out :joy:

My father died when my son was 3 granted he(my father) was sick and in hospice care for a little before he passed then at the funeral he asked if grandpa was sleeping and if so when will he get up… death is a part of life?