How can I feel like I am enough again?

How do I feel like I’m enough again? My boyfriend and I rushed into things I’m not going to lie, I got pregnant the first three months of knowing him, and I’m six months pregnant now, I found out in December he went and told a person he liked in the close past that his single and asked for pictures and said he’s going to the city she’s in for Christmas shopping (only a 45 min drive) and I found that out in March and I did stalk the girls he did like also, probably a bad idea but turns out they all look similar in a way, with minor changes and backstories, and I’m nothing like those girls look completely different every way possible and my past is complicated because I’ve only been in poly relationships and this is my first monogamous relationship, and I felt very special, and he made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world, that I was the only one. Now that I look closer into it he doesn’t look at me while we are having sex and gets harder while we watch porn or talk about a 3way and it makes me feel that I’m not what he’s looking for, I’m scared to leave because I’m terrified of being a single mum and I do still love him and only him with my whole self, what should I do and how should I approach the topic when talking to him? Please keep my name a secret. Thank you


U start by saying good bye u cheating orgie hound. U do that u are a fool. That is not the behavior of the man who loves u. Clearly he does not life with some one who does not love u is a pain ful way to live. He will never care how bad it hurts u good luck have fun. Thisis why i am single and staying that way. Lie cheat backstab and orgie. I will not be drug in such bullshit and will be treated with respect. Ps better off alone. Life alone is better than life with a orgie hound. Men can be trash. But none of them will turn me in to trash. That is trash


U can’t talk to a ‘boy’ about there hoeish ways… He clearly didn’t change for you so your not the one, sorry… Get out now while u can… Being a single mom is easy without any added stress, you will feel alot better about yourself too because u won’t have his expectations or comparing yourself too his little bitches :blush::blush::blush::+1:t4:


Have that conversation. Be prepared to not be in the relationship. It is difficult to separate your heart from your mind. But save yourself the heartache. You have boundaries & you are valuable. You will need to be there for your child & with a happy heart. Co-parenting isn’t so bad. If he loves you you will know. LOVE IS PATIENT, KIND & TRUSTING.

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Start by talking to him and tell him u want the truth u know about these other ladies he doesn’t even look at u.when your intimate what the hell ??? This is very hard cause u still love him but u have to.feel with your mind not your heart good luck my dear

Personally I’d leave. There are several single mums out there coping perfectly fine and dating too. You are not alone, you may not have a partner to help but you have family and friends. It’s said that men actually stress out women way more than a baby does. You can do this, you are a damn queen and don’t need a man causing you drama. Trust me it won’t get better when the baby arrives. Leave him, it’s the best thing to do.

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His real feelings are pretty obvious. Your never going to feel like enough for him, and noone deserves that. You can love someone and not be with them. The man you stay with should be one who makes you feel like your the only one all the time.

I’d have more self respect n self esteem n pick up n leave!! There’s good men that will treat you as you deserve sorry but he’s not the one;”(

Doesn’t anyone have self restraint anymore? Or what birth control is? What is everyone’s hurry? Having sex with him is obviously not the way to keep him. You made a mistake. Move on and take care of that baby without him.

Do not waste your time, energy, or love on someone who doesn’t love you for you.

Are you trying to look good for him or yourself ?

I would start letting him go now :confused: focus on you and what’s best for baby


Yes! Let him go now! Its def not idea to be a single mom but if ure not happy now & don’t feel like ure enough now, leave asap & start working on urself bc it doesn’t get better. We rushed things & things were bad when I was pregnant but I didn’t want to be a single mom either so I stayed. Hoping it would get better. I became a stay at home mom & have an almost 2 year old. I’ve finally had enough & now I have to start from the very bottom w a child. Its a very hard decision to make but get out while u still have time to get things sorted out bc I promise u its gonna be 100 times harder once ur child gets here. I wish the best for u xoxo :purple_heart:


Leave now. I was terrified of being a single mother too but when I finally left my ex husband, my life was more prosperous.

Remember this, you are no longer living for yourself. You are living for your child too. You are good enough. Walk away from him and keep your head held high! Now that’s honorable!


He’s a cheater
He’s cheating on you
You will NEVER be enough for him because…HE IS A CHEATER


Leave. Before the baby is born. It’s easier now then after the baby comes. Staying longer only delays the inevitable


The first couple comments on every one of the statuses on this page say “run”. But have you tried talking to him about how you feel?

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Girl walk.
I did the same and I am a single parent and yes it’s hard at times but it was the best decision I ever made.
I asked myself… how could i care for a child when i didn’t care about myself enough to walk away from someone who doesn’t love me. And that right there made me stronger.
He doesn’t love you. If he did you wouldn’t be questioning his love.
Is that someone you want to raise your child? Is that a remodel that you want around your child? Do you want your child to learn how to treat woman just like your boyfriend does??
Remember you’re bringing a person into this world. Cherish it and make sure that that baby and you have the best life possible. You and that child deserve better


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I’m in the same position. We met, I got pregnant 2 no the later, have a 6 month old now and recently found out he’s been talking to a chick he slept with before me for over a year. I’m walking the he’ll away cuz the trust is gone and my kid and I deserve better.

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