How can I get child support?

How do I get the father to my son on child support when he continues to duck their efforts in contacting him? The courts tell me there’s nothing they can do until he is “served” - and he knows this because he’s been through this before with another woman, and is $35,000 behind on his first child. He doesn’t get a “normal” job, so there is no paycheck to have funds garnished from, and even tho I notify him of every court date we’ve had, through messenger, and screenshot when he’s checked the message to prove he was informed… nothing. Our son is barely ten months old, and his father left us because drugs and that lifestyle were more important. He currently has another girlfriend too that just claimed to have miscarried with his baby. He doesn’t call, visits or even check up on his son, although until the past month, I’d regularly sent photos and updates on our son’s progress.


You have to wait for the courts to catch up with him. Procreating with losers has it’s downfalls.


Contact an attorney.

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Not much u can do even if he gets served doesn’t mean u will receive any money from him :woman_shrugging:

You can keep trying, but I’m my personal experience, you’ll never see a dime from him. Same as his other baby mama.

Apply for cash assistance. Want to see how fast they find and serve him then? #Facts💯 #Lmao🤣

Why would you have a child with a man who owes $35000 in back child support. Again these women are not highly functional. They make stupid choices.


If he is an addict; it might be better to leave it be. If he pays support; he has the right to have partial custody. Do you really want your child to be in his care?


My grandson is 13 in April and we are still trying to get him
Served… when he has a job. FL law is terrible.

well 1… you had a child with a man who has another child he doesn’t pay for… so not sure what you were really expecting. chances are when he gets caught, they will throw him in jail for that type of child support arrears. 2 maybe hire a private investigator see if you can hunt him down and if you pay someone to serve him, they will keep looking until they find him. its not cheap and most of the time isn’t worth it.


Wait for the child support system to get him in court. It is the only way to get anything from child support court.

But tbh, if he is already 35,000 behind, he is definitely not gonna pay you anything either.
Especially with no job.
So idk what you are really expecting.


Set him up somehow and have the cops meet him there and serve him. That how i had to get protective order against one of my exes

Stopped reading at “His been through this before, with another woman.” :no_good_woman::no_good_woman::woman_facepalming:


My son has my grandson 50% of the time but is expected to pay over $1300 a month. System is corrupt, they co parent and he still can’t survive on his income based on this.

Sometimes your child is more important then money, have some empathy and compassion for those that go without just to protect their children.

This is hopeless. You need to go this alone without financial support. Maybe the system will catch up with him, maybe it won’t
Stop hitting your head against the wall fighting more money your not going to get. His other child’s mother is owed too.

1st of all he already had a kid he NEVER PAID FOR or cared for. It’s ok the first time this happens to you it’s a learning experience the second time it’s a CHOICE. Now with that being said why would u want your child around someone doing DRUGS. Honey jus move on it’s not worth u trying to FORCE this child on him. At this point your child is 10 months old he doesnt know what’s going on. STOP using your child to force a unhealthy relationship. Your better off changing your NUMBER and moving on.


It sounds like you don’t.
I don’t get child support, never have. It’s not really necessary, and it’s not going to teach him any lessons.

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Deadbeat… sorry hun but I don’t think you’re ever getting child support. He doesn’t deserve to have any sort of contact with his child. Not even the updates that you give him.


Getting child support might just mean he gets visitation and his lifestyle could shape your child in ways you may not want to deal with