How can I get full custody?

Where do I start to obtain full custody of my 11 yr old? We have 50/50 as of now from when we did child support back when she was few months old since then he’s been to prison for seven years, got out came around for 2.2 seconds and now completely m.i.a since he’s married raising another child like his own and has absolutely nothing to do with my daughter. He pays child support here and there (definitely nothing steady), and that’s about it. He recently missed her last two days, and it’s officially my last straw seeing my child heartbroken, realizing she can’t even get a text from him. I don’t have many single mom friends, so I’m not even sure how to start this process, any advice is greatly appreciated


Courthouse fill out custody papers file and have him served

Get ahold of a lawyer or public defender. Should be pretty cut and dry. Once she’s 12 she’s allowed to legally decide on her own who has her so that’ll help you a ton. Plus go after him for back child support and pay your attorney fees

Get lawyer have proof of him
Not being around and go to court your lawyer will
Tell you exactly what to do to

Some lawyers will do cheap/free consultations for advice.

But I got sole custody on my own. I proved I was the one doing everything for the kids. I took them to the doctors, dentist, and attended school appointments. Stuff like that.

I think the harder part will be him not having visitation if that’s what you’re after. Getting sole custody doesn’t always mean he doesn’t get to see the kid. When I first got sole custody my ex had our kids almost exactly 50% of the week.

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Take documentation of everything and get a lawyer. He/she will be able to advise you a lot better on what’s best to do and hope everything works out for you and your daughter

The judicial system isn’t fair

Should be able to go back and modify custody agreement to have it changed.

Go file for sole legal and physical custody ( full custody) but they dont call it full custody in court I’m deff you will get it

If u don’t have money for a lawyer u can see if ur local department of human services has a child support division.
Unfortunately we can’t make them have an emotional attachment to the children they helped make. But u know what that is ok. You can’t miss what u never had. The kiddo is better off without them.

Family court house. File for full custody. Serve him and follow directions.

I got full custody of my daughter when she was only a few months old. The judge had his parental rights terminated and he’s not allowed to contact her until she is 18 and makes the decision to meet him on her own. It was easier for me to get the judges approval bc I proved he was an alcoholic, and also had witnesses to his physical abuse to me on numerous occasions. He was in the Navy so I was actually shocked that the judge agreed. I think it was a bit easier as well bc my ex had wanted me to have an abortion and told the judge he would sign on his own free will as long as he didn’t have to give me any money, our belongings, or my car. Needless to say, her safety was more important than those superficial items. I did have to hire the best family law attorney in our county bc it’s extremely hard to get a judge to relinquish parental rights.
Don’t give up hope, because there are options out there but the main thing is to find an attorney who has tons of experience in this and has been successful in winning his cases.

I believe you should contact legal representation. Every state is different.

Also do what you feel is best for your child. Not what’s best for you nor the father but your child.

This is a child who did not ask to be born. I can’t say whether gaining 100% custody is for the best or not; this is your own decision to make based on what you feel is best for your daughter.

Praying you make the correct decision.

My biggest piece of advice is to document everything like you are keeping a journal. Spoken word can be claimed as hearsay but written word is admissible in court! Prayers for peace for you and your baby.


Go see a lawyer. Everything depends upon your state laws and what you can actually prove/have documented.

You can ask judge or lawyer could give information maybe he will give up his rights documents every thing he has done

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Every state is different. Document everything.
My ex dipped out on us. There was a time I had wished he played a role in their lives. They are grown with kids of there own. I never spoke I’ll of him to my kids.
He was 30 miles away had a child with someone else. Played father to her other kids. Honestly the other ones are just as screwed up as he is. I’m so glad he had no influence over mine.

i would try to make sure to encourage and even go out of your way for your daughter to see him… no it’s not your obligation but i know u would do anything for your daughter to be happy… sounds like she loves and wants to see him and if he isn’t keeping her from u there is no reason to the open a custody battle i don’t think

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Not trying to be rude, but you need to consult a lawyer, not Facebook.

Assuming you live in the states, every state is different.

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The answer depends on where you live, every jurisdiction handles this differently.

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