How Can I Get My 1-and-a-Half-Year-Old to Drink Less Milk?


"Hey mommas! My daughter is 1 1/2, and I’m trying to get her to drink less milk. It’s like she has to have it to go to sleep, though, and IDK how else to get her to nap or sleep at night.

She takes about 5 oz to go down for her nap, but she drinks SO much at night. She wakes up every couple of hours and will just scream bloody murder until we give her a sippy with milk in it. And she ends up drinking like 15-20 oz every single night.

IDK how to break her from it. She’s my only child, so I’m just at a loss.

I’ve tried giving her water instead, and she just spits it out and cries. Help!"

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“You’re the parent. Limit the milk to what you think is appropriate and let her have a fit. It will only take 3 days of the crying if you are consistent… you have to get used to not giving the child everything they want and the fits that come.”

“I hate to say it but you’re gonna have to let the child scream it out. The first night, go in and say go back to sleep… I did this with my girls and it rips your heart out but in about 3-4 days they are fine!!”

“Start diluting it with water. Eventually, it will be all water. She will either still want it or not. But either way, it will be better for her teeth.”

“Is your child only drinking milk at these times? What does the rest of her day look like? If she is eating well and not filling up on milk all day, I wouldn’t worry. They need 16-24 ounces a day. My children still drink insane amounts of milk and they are super healthy. If you still worry though talk to your pediatrician.”

“My kids all 3 were like that until about 3 I believe. They now just drink milk every once in awhile, mostly just water though… it wasn’t hurting them, I made sure their teeth got brushed in the morning so their teeth were ok. But really, I didn’t see a point in fighting them on it. I’m sure my son will be the same way.”

“My son was very similar at her age I just started watering it down slightly and slowly adding more. Eventually, he had some but just wasn’t as interested anymore. Now he only has milk with dinner and maybe an ox or two at bedtime”

“My kids are HUGE milk and water drinkers. When my son was that age he would do the same thing. I started to water his milk down every night until it was straight water. Only took a few nights, but it worked for us.”

“Give her water and let her cry. It’s really difficult but consistency is key and crying won’t last. To make the transition easier water milk down more each time rather than just going straight water.”

“Give her more milk during the day and offer some food before bedtime too. She could be hungry. Other than that you covered your bases and she can cry.”

“Agree with others here. Also, make sure her tummy is good when she goes to bed. She may be going to bed too hungry.”

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My (almost) 8yr old pretty much drank only milk from age 1-6. And he is healthy!!!

My 19 month old does the same thing

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Just give it to her. She’s growing

My son would go through five gallons a week at that age! His doctor said do not give milk in the middle of the night. Do water instead. I ended up changing his routine where he ate a little bit later in the evening like 6 or 7 got a bath and bed right away with one bottle of milk. That way his belly was full all night and if he woke up he got water. He eventually grew out of it. And doing it that way helped save us on milk tremendously

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Mine went thru a gallon a day for almost 2 years. He’s fine. :slight_smile:

Water it down. Half and half

Dlute t he milk with water.

Milk is good for her. Just make sure its whatever kind your dr recommends her. She may need 2% or some with less fat. Just make sure to brush her teeth/gums regularly, there is still sugar in milk.

I’m on the same boat and he’s 2 1/2. I feel your struggle completely… :weary:


Mine too will not fall back 2sleep without it its just hard

I water my daughters milk down. 1/2 milk 1/2 water in the bottle

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Start watering it down. Start small and increase water every few days.

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My 2 went through 4pints between them every 2 days

People shouldn’t drink cows milk. But also if u give it to her already I don’t see an issue kids that small drink formula , breast milk or other non dairy milks.


My daughter is 3 and still loves her milk in the morning and at night! Its milk… its not bad for them.

Give her a less percentage milk at night

Your the parent. Limit the milk to what you think is appropriate and let her have a fit. It will only take 3 days of the crying if you are consistent… you have to get use to not giving the child everything they want and the fits that come.


Dont complain… my kids will drink 2 gallons a day

My daughter was the same way and I just kept diluting the milk with water