How can I get my 1-year-old to stop biting?

So I’m having a BIG issue with my 1-year-old son. He has the worst habit of biting my 3-year-old daughter. I’m at my wits end with it. He leaves bruises and even draws blood most of the time. I am a mother who believes in spankings so please no judgments. I’ve tried popping him in the mouth and telling him no biting. I’ve tried spanking. Time out. Idk what else to do. He knows he’s doing it because he’ll go hide after. He has never bit me or my husband. Just his sister. Please give me any advice on what I can do. Thanks.


Have him bite his own thumb. You will have to make him place it in his mouth and apply force from lower mouth.

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Have the 3 year old bite him back. I bet he’ll quit then.


Bite him back. Not too nice but effective.


Bite him back. I did with my daughter. Didnt take her long to figure it out


A lot of ppl will disagree and call it abuse but if you bite him back it will help him understand that it hurts… itt worked for my son 9 years ago.


Let her bite him back. That was the only thing that cured my daughter. It took a year to come to that decision. It was our LAST resort.
Bite back like he bites her. My kid would draw blood and laugh.
She didn’t like it frightening part it didn’t hurt her either. She was shocked at the retaliation.

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Bite him. He’ll stop.

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Put him in the corner facing the wall for a minute or two


Beat that ass,one time…

What is she doing to him that he only bites her and no one else?


Yes bite him back… not has enough to bruise, but make him realize it hurts


Well, that’s a result of spanking your kids. He’s trying to control his sisters behavior, my guess is she’s starting it.


Agree with all here. Either you bite him back or have your daughter.

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Hot sauce on the tongue :tongue: works like a charm. My step kid was constantly biting my kid and that was the solution. Granted now she LOVES hot food but hey lol better than being a bitter


For real bite him back lol sounds mean but you dont have to bite hard but just a couple times and he should get the point. Same with hair pulling

I totally agree but, at a center I worked at in NE it had to be turned into DHS. there was what could have been a tooth mark and the child verbalized Mommy bit me.

My cousin used to do this with her 3 boys.
DO NOT leave marks and DO NOT draw blood. But just hard enough he knows that it doesn’t feel good.
On our way to church if my cousins boy pulled his brothers hair, she’d reach her arm back and pull his hair. Showed him that it’s not nice. And boy they didn’t like it.
It sounds harsh. But it COULD work.

He’s also 1 tho.
And that’s little.
Yes he might hide.
But it might be from the discipline. And he’s just angry and upset about that.

If anything, it might be for attention.
If he bites her, just pick him up, move him to another area and ignore him for a few minutes. Try different things.


Has she possibly done anything to deserve this kind behavior? maybe he’s “fighting back” against something she’s doing to him??

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Have her bite him back.