How can I get my 18 month old to sleep through the night?

I read that milk interrupts sleep. We switched to only water at bedtime And none of them wake up. I also read to give a banana at bedtime

My little boy used to be an awful sleeper when he dropped his day nap… I was told the more a child sleeps the more better the sleep 🤷 we re introduced a very short day nap and now he’s 11 hours a night :raised_hands:

I use white noise for my 19 month old daughter…
Before bed she has a full belly then I give her a nice warm bath, massage while applying lotion, some cozy pajamas then turn on some white noise and she falls asleep so fast and she sleeps though the night. This routine has been working wonderfully for the past 6 months

Try to sleep with him, kids better sleep with parents