How can I get my 2-year-old off the bottle?

I have a two-year-old that refused to drink from a sippy cup!!! Every time I give it to him, he just chews on it and looks around for his bottle I need help I’m having a baby in less than six months and need to get him off the bottle ASAP!!! Any advice???


Take it away! That simple


Throw them away he’ll get the point when he is thristy enough


I would honestly only give the option of a sippy. He/she knows you will give it to them eventually which is why they fight. If they want it bad enough they will take it! :woman_shrugging:t2:


Just do not give them the bottle. Super simple. Let them cry. A day or 2 is all it takes. Its just on the parent to not give in.


Don’t give in. Just give him sippy only no other choice


I said the fairies took it away to my children. Worked a treat


Put only water in the bottle. Put milk,juice,etc in the cup. Worked great on all 3 of mine.


Honestly just take them away and only have sippy cups. He will use them. He may cry and throw a fit but he will be just fine. Just harder on the parent to hear the crying and fits then on the child. Lol I went throw it. It sucks but I learned.

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I just took away the option, my 16 month old cried for about three hours and it was over

Take it cold turkey. Get a transitional cup…took my kids on their 1st Bday and they were fine

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My daughter we winged her cold turkey n my son winged his self at 10 months

Just make them disappear… eventually he will b thirsty enough to drink from the cup


Be consistent. I started with the soft tip sippy cups then moved her to the harder tips.

Try a regular cup? My 2 year old drinks from a regular cup…or try different sippies…maybe he will like a different type

One dont give him the bottle it’s hard but he’ll get use to it and two have tou thought of trying a cup witha straw instead both my daughters hated regular sippy cups when they first got off the bottle but would always use a straw. He’ll get it either way but it takes time. Good luck momma!

Get the harder plastic tip ones my daughter would chew through the soft rubber ones

I threw all my daughters bottles away when she turned a year old and gave her this. She took it good.

Try a transitioning cup, worked for me😊

Take it away completely. Try straw cups or soft top sippy cups…